3 Day Earth Diet Cleanse – My Experience

Day 1

Having chosen to do the cleanse right after the 4th of July weekend, I was off to a rough start. Waking up for work I was sleepy and kind of groggy from a weekend of fun. 

 I got up and oil pulled, drank my lemon water and grabbed a beet juice on the way to work. (I am thankful to have an organic café that makes fresh juice nearby and to not have to break out my juicer).

By 8:30 I was starting to feel a bit sniffly. At 10:00 I went to eat my oranges… only to find out I had not been awake enough while at the store and what I was sure was a bag of Valencia Oranges turned out to be grapefruit. I ate 1 large grapefruit in place of the oranges. Boy was it sour, wooo!

By 11:00 I had a full on headache, the sniffles and felt generally crappy. I drank a bunch of water, and thought to myself, “yep.. I haven’t been as careful with my diet lately, now I get the fun of toxin release”.

12:00 I mixed up the 5 minute Detox Green Salad of avocado, lime juice, cilantro and parsley. It was incredibly good. So good in fact it is likely a good thing I only made 1 portion at a time because I could have eaten as much as you put in front of me. The parsley and cilantro were so fresh I could feel my body just craving it.

By 1:00 I felt like I had the flu. My right eye was watering badly and super sensitive to light, my head hurt, my neck, shoulders, back all ached, even my jaw ached. I left work and came home to lie down and meditate. The meditation seemed to help a great deal as did the very hot shower I took afterwards.

It is vital to be extra kind to yourself during these cleanses.

Around 3:00 and I was munching on raw broccoli and cauliflower. I don’t think I really like plain raw broccoli very much anymore, but the cauliflower is great.

I was nervous about eating that many cherries, they are a diuretic after all. I ate as many as I could, because well, I love cherries and this was a great excuse. My body accepted them well.

The ginger tea was very mild, so I chewed on the ginger for a bit and then did the Betonite clay in water, followed by another cherry to get the chalky taste out of my mouth.

By bedtime I had a horrid headache. Tightening in my jaw, face, neck, shoulders and just generally felt bad. My jaw was so tight I had to wear a night guard to avoid grinding my teeth. It was hard to sleep. I have a feeling what I was experiencing was heavy metal detox. I, against my own better knowing, had been on a bit of a sushi bender recently… fish contains really high levels of mercury and other heavy metals as well as toxins that have been dumped into our waters. It really isn’t a safe choice any longer… One I am now ruling out of my diet.

Upon waking I feel tremendously better. The tightness in my body is gone, my headache is nearly gone, my eye is still watering a little, but I am really looking forward to seeing the outcome of this cleanse.

Day 2

Once again oil pulled when I woke up, drank lemon water and the green juice.

10:00 AM I ate a grapefruit which seems to really have kicked in the detox symptoms again. My eyes started watering, I felt headachy and foggy. I was really glad to be getting these poisons out of me, it is amazing how powerful real organic food can be if eaten in the right combinations.

Cherries for lunch it was. I love cherries… Even still after the huge amount the day before…

By late afternoon I was not feeling very good at all. VERY detoxy. I skipped the broccoli and cauliflower and headed home for meditation and a nap, and to get a chiropractic adjustment later in the day.

Evening, I ate the 5 Minute Detox Salad, drank the ginger tea and had the Betonite clay before bed.

I felt better the second night than I had the first, was very tired and slept like a rock.



This was the final day! – I woke up, oil pulled, drank my lemon water and headed over to Food & Thought to get a big fresh squeezed organic orange juice. It was so good.

 I did also get an Americano Loco which is not on the plan. *innocent look*. It’s coconut water and organic coffee. You don’t get much more detoxing and cleansing than that so I figure it can’t hurt.

I also lugged in a big watermelon to share with everyone at work, which was hugely popular. I ate as much as I could, which was 7 pieces and.. yes that kicked in again the toxic release. My eyes began watering and my nose began running. I am also quite sure that in eating that much watermelon my kidneys were quiet pleased.

I was really over the broccoli and cauliflower by this point so only ate a little bit.

I was feeling very sneezy, sniffly, hot and watery eyed.

The detox avocado salad is still delicious and I finished the night off with the ginger tea and Betonite clay.

Day 4 – Complete

I have lost 5 lbs. and one of my favorite outcomes of a detox has happened again – my vision has improved. Colors seem more vivid and everything appears in sharper focus.

I woke up and still did the oil pulling and drank some lime water, but it is time to get back to normal. I am really thankful that I decided to do this cleanse. From the reaction I had it is clear I was becoming quite toxic once again. I am going to go for a lymphatic drainage massage after the cleanse is complete to really finish it off. 

All in all I am really surprised at how toxic I am right now compared to where I was just a few months ago. I will be really listening to my own advice better from here on out.


Outcome: This is an amazingly powerful, easy and inexpensive cleanse. I highly recommend it.


  • I would do it over a weekend starting on Saturday morning…
  • Following the oil pulling also use a tongue scraper to really get everything out of your mouth that you just drew out.
  • Rinse with water, pink salt and clove essential oil or OnGuard from doTERRA for a super clean rejuvenated mouth and shiny teeth.
  • *Note: This is not a colon cleanse – you will be in the restroom a lot due to amount of liquid in the foods and water intake only.
  • Drink as much water as you can with this! It is what flushes the toxins out once released.
  • On the last evening I also took 2 Aloe Vera capsules to ensure clearing of all the toxins that had been released into my system. *Make SURE you are near a restroom the following day from like 7 am to noon! – Even a couple gallstones came out!

 Where do I find the protocol? www.theearthdiet.org and the direct link is: 3 Day Cleanse

Thank you to Liana Werner – Gray!









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