Liana Werner Gray of The Earth Diet – Not the Pollyanna she appears

Liana at first glance appears to be miss goodness and light, model, actress, former “People’s Choice” in the Miss Earth Australia Pageant, she has completely the right idea in regard to healthy eating and curing your aliments naturally with wholesome organic foods. Her new book, The Earth Diet, is wonderful.

But is there more going on behind the scenes that contradicts this Pollyanna?

I know first hand that there is. With the launching of the new Earth Diet book came the need, so Liana claimed, for more new Health Coaches in order to handle the client load it would bring in. I was personally recruited by Liana back in July. It was stated that there would be around 10 new coaches and the launch would be done shortly.

Time passed, and nothing came to fruition. In August they sent to me a non-disclosure, which I promptly signed and mailed back. It took them weeks to respond as to if they had even received it or not despite numerous emails. Suzanne finally got back to me telling me the launch would be in mid September (just after the 45 day period Paypal has where you can initiate a dispute for a refund). The fee to get set up on the site as an Earth Diet Health Coach was $399. I had an uneasy feeling because of the lack of communication and the time delay, but ignoring my own better judgement, I let it slide and kept hope that this idea would work out well.

The date kept being pushed farther and farther out. More and more coaches were being added, over 40 in total. That is a huge number to expect to keep busy through the site and more and more questions began to come up, none were addressed. Repeatedly they would lose our information and we would have to fill out profile forms over and over again.

A private group was started on Facebook for the coaches but every time I, or anyone else, would bring up anything serious or that seemed off it was quickly squashed as being negative.

Then the contract all the coaches were to sign was sent to everyone.

This contract would have been unacceptable to anyone who actually read it. Held within the legal ease paragraphs was a clause that stated “SARAH BARENDSE shall not, until the expiration of four years after the termination of the this agreement between The Earth Diet and SARAH BARENDSE, engage, directly or indirectly, or through any corporations or associates in any business, enterprise or employment which is directly competitive with The Earth Diet.” While I was fine with the non-disclosure – I could not sign a non-compete, especially for 4 years after working forThe Earth Diet….. Additionally the way this is written, I am a health writer. I “Any Enterprise” could legally apply to my articles and or books that will be coming out.

I asked at that time for a refund and to withdraw as an Earth Diet Coach.

This should have been a very simple and easy request. Instead? What I was met with was not a fellow business woman but someone who took this as a personal attack and became defensive and refused to give my money back.

It should also be noted that I had previously worked with Liana on The Daily Health Facebook page which I did nearly all of the work on as well as doing some graphic design work I still have yet to be compensated for. I had been warned about Liana’s work ethics, but chose instead to proceed and base my judgements on what I see for myself…. (As it turns out, even though she was to compensate me in chocolate, it wasn’t even her product to trade for – It was from another company she works with, so no wonder I haven’t received anything.)

Below is the conversation which ensued in order to attempt to resolve my involvement with The Earth Diet. This conversation is ridiculous and never needed to happen. When you do not provide a product or service as promised and that client asks for a refund. You give it to them. Since this time several other coaches have requested refunds only to be ignored, put off, or just flat out told no.

I saw Liana this past weekend at the Master’s Society event where she spoke. I was being the bigger person. I was willing to let all of this go and play nice as we are on the same mission of health. But come to find out when I arrived home she had blocked me on Facebook. After speaking with Dr. Coldwell I see why.

Up until now I have kept this out of the public because of Liana’s professional affiliation with my very good friend Dr. Coldwell who was supposed to be working with Liana to open the Earth Diet Bakery and Cafe… Apparently though Liana has decided that loyalty and friendship are worth less to her than money as a bigger investor has come along…..Yet she snapped up the opportunity still to speak at the event, taking every chance to promote herself while stepping on others.

It is being speculated by some of the coaches that the money gained from the coaches joining fee has been used to pay for Liana’s book tour travel… which would explain why she is so reluctant to give refunds. Despite promising to change the contract, she still has not done so for the remaining coaches. Here we are, 6 months later, and the coaches have still not been launched and their pages are half finished and non functional.

The problem is Liana, not only is that unethical – That’s flat out fraud.

Earth Diet Coaches? I did get my money back and remove myself from this mess…. But so far, out of everyone who has tried? I am the only successful one…. I highly suggest you coach on your own…. and try and get your money back while you still can….. All of you are highly intelligent caring wonderful people who really want to help others… You do not need Liana to accomplish that.



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13 thoughts on “Liana Werner Gray of The Earth Diet – Not the Pollyanna she appears

  1. Since publishing this article I have had messages and emails from several other people she has worked with in the past as well as current thanking me, backing me up and giving me even more information… Thank you to all who took the time to open up and share with me, once collected a second article may be coming.




  2. I am getting slammed online for this by Liana’s fans, but you cannot dispute facts. 40 Coaches (which originally was supposed to be only 10)paid The Earth Diet (Liana) $399 each to set up their profiles as coaches on Go look for yourselves and see that 90% of the profiles are not complete and cannot link through to allow them to be hired…… It has been 6 months….and she is refusing refunds.
    I haven’t stated anything that is not provable.
    This constitutes fraud.


  3. Is anyone honest anymore? i saw the thing about being a coah and was gonna do it – not now. thx Sarah.


  4. Well… I am pleased to see many of the coaches pages are now done and working……………………………….. Now LIana, if you would just stop jerking around those who would like a refund, that would be swell. No product = refund, or yes, that is still fraud… and you cannot dismiss them as coaches for being “negative” or having “bad energy”… just because someone calls you on your bullshit doesn’t mean they are either. 😉


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  6. Well folks? I have come to the conclusion that I cannot care more than the people currently being screwed over by Liana…………. So to all of you? You are setting a precedent in your life to be a doormat for others…. It is no longer my fight and you clearly don’t need or appreciate the help.. so I bid you all adieu. Congrats Liana. Looks like you will walk away with everyone’s money scott free. Enjoy!


  7. Just a note for anyone who is looking at signing up still as an Earth Diet Coach. In a word? Don’t.
    Im getting messages STILL from perspective original to be coaches trying to get a refund as no product or service was ever provided by The Earth Diet for their $399 joining fee.
    The Earth Diet Staff is either as crooked as Liana or simply cannot get their shit together well enough to coordinate a simple refund.
    One email says “We will be refunding your fee” and the next says “We have a no refund policy” – Then when Liana is contacted directly she refuses to answer and blocks the coaches on Facebook.
    Continuing in her professional and courteous manner…
    Liana, will you ever grow up and play nice?


  8. Thank you for this article… you have no idea how long I have waited for this. Liana and Noah will fail because they can’t get out of their own way. Thank you karma.


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