Burning Bridges – Liana Werner Grey (of The Earth Diet)

Well folks? I had really hoped that this would come to a good resolution but clearly as Liana refuses to refund monies stolen from her would be Earth Diet Health Coaches it doesn’t seem to be heading that way…. Instead she keeps adding insult to injury, even going so far as to slander others in hopes of destroying their credibility in order to make her stories look more viable.

It seems daily I am receiving emails and Facebook messages with more and more stories of “How Liana has screwed me over” personally… Though some are very entertaining, they aren’t my stories to tell so I will refrain from adding them in here.

Please take a moment to read, and if you are so inclined sign, Susanne Wilder’s Petition. It tells the story from her side as to what has been going both before and since my original published article.

To catch up and read the original story please click here:

Liana, if you happen to read this? – You are burning bridges right and left… Just admit you are wrong, say you are sorry and fix things…. There is no reason for any of this….


Photo courtesy of Roxxe NYC Photography

3 thoughts on “Burning Bridges – Liana Werner Grey (of The Earth Diet)

  1. Well folks? I have come to the conclusion that I cannot care more than the people currently being screwed over by Liana…………. So to all of you? You are setting a precedent in your life to be a doormat for others…. It is no longer my fight and you clearly don’t need or appreciate the help.. so I bid you all adieu. Congrats Liana. Looks like you will walk away with everyone’s money scott free. Enjoy!


  2. Just a note for anyone who is looking at signing up still as an Earth Diet Coach. In a word? Don’t.
    Im getting messages STILL from perspective original to be coaches trying to get a refund as no product or service was ever provided by The Earth Diet for their $399 joining fee.
    The Earth Diet Staff is either as crooked as Liana or simply cannot get their shit together well enough to coordinate a simple refund.
    One email says “We will be refunding your fee” and the next says “We have a no refund policy” – Then when Liana is contacted directly she refuses to answer and blocks the coaches on Facebook.
    Continuing in her professional and courteous manner…
    Liana, will you ever grow up and play nice?


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