Neurotoxin Cleanse Protocol (RoundUp/Glyphosate/and more)

This cleanse is intended for those who have neurotoxicity including organophosphate poisoning. It is a neurotoxin liver cleanse that takes 10 days total and follows a very specific eating protocol. Make sure you drink a gallon of water a day.

It can be done up to 4x per year and is recommended to do at minimum once per year if you are continually being exposed.

Cholinesterase RBC & Plasma blood tests can tell you if you have been poisoned to a toxic level. NOTE: The lab values will likely come back in range. The ranges are wrong. The CDCโ€™s site states clearly that toxicity can present at just 40-75% of the values. So you may be ill and have symptoms and test โ€œnormalโ€. Lab values are deceptive here.

More info and how to get the cleanse!

Roundup Glyphosate Toxic

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