Test Yourself For Red Tide and Blue Green Algae Toxins!

Are you unexplainably feeling terrible here in Southwest, Florida? According to the news, everything is fine and the red tide is dissipating but residents here are sick and tired – literally. 


I found the test to see if you are holding toxins from the water and air exposure here in SWFL from the Blue Green Algae and Red Tide (Cyanotoxin/Brevetoxin). This has been confirmed effective by a AnyLabTestNow representative.

It’s called a Cholinastrase RBC Plasma test. 

You can do it at either www.anylabtestnow.com or www.questdiagnostics.com code 338. And labcorps has it too. https://www.labcorp.com/test-menu/22471/cholinesterase-rbc

Requires no doctors orders. I checked with them to make sure they offer it and they do, its just not listed on their site (as they have 10,000 tests the database would be huge to create).
At Any Lab Test Now it’s $183 (they don’t accept insurance).

Quest Diagnostics is also in the $180 range. Lab corps does not accept patients without a doctors order, and insurance may or may not cover it so be sure to check beforehand.

Red tide brevetoxin

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More info on red tide: http://headache.imedpub.com/neurotoxicology-of-red-tide-poisoning.php?aid=9167

The great news? There is a neurological detox for this poisoning! I am working closely with a specialist to test it out and see and feel the results – sign up for my blog and check back soon. As soon as I know it works, I promise to share!

Author: Sarah Barendse

5 thoughts on “Test Yourself For Red Tide and Blue Green Algae Toxins!

  1. Thank you for all you are doing. I am interested in learning about the detox to get this out of my system.

  2. As soon as I test it out Ill share, promise! I just went and did the blood test this morning so I have a viable scientifically provable start point not just how I feel.

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  4. Hi Sarah… glad to see your getting my information out to the masses. As you know I’ve tested positive & put the word out a month ago & I’ve found 3 POSITIVE people. Thank you for sharing my discovery that John Heim & I are are trying to get out in the public. If you find positive tests please let those folks know we are keeping track.. in our group of 80,000 concerned citizens. Thanks for helping me….

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