Recount Demand – WRITE SNAIL MAIL TO THE WHITE HOUSE! Your country needs you.

This was announced on news Max.

Trump has asked us to send him “snail mail” letters.
The letter is to DEMAND A FULL AUDIT of all 50 states.

Send this to President Donald J Trump; WHITE HOUSE; 1600 Pennsylvania Ave Washington DC 20500

He will use this as evidence to the Supreme Court.

He is asking all of us to send him HARD COPY letters as evidence we, the People, are demanding an audit.

Please do this today!

Have every registered voter in your household send a separate letter. We need to swarm the White House mail room.

Thank you.

The above info was reported on Newsmax.

This is from Take Back America.


5 thoughts on “Recount Demand – WRITE SNAIL MAIL TO THE WHITE HOUSE! Your country needs you.

  1. Why are you asking people to write letters to the White House about a recount. And telling them Trump said this on newsMax, yet NEWSMAX states they have nothing to do with that campaign? Whos side are you on anyway?

  2. If it’s powered by Google well then what’s the point! President Trump best President ever is smart not just the water Mark’s on legal ballets, let’s just say in short CIA
    TRUMP 2020

  3. What are you even talking about powered by Google? Im talking about writing a letter…..
    We are on the same side here.

  4. This makes more sense than burning buildings, doing useless demonstrations in streets like Antifa or any other group. Personally speaking I have NEVER seen any policy or law changed due to any live physical protests. They get attention maybe but not actual results. This however, now this makes sense!

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