Want to know why COVID and WHY the Vaccine Agenda?

Look up the Vmat2 Gene…………. It’s what they intend to kill it in all of us by way of the vaccine……………..

Vmat2 s is known as the God gene. It’s your connection to your higher self and God. Eliminating this from your DNA sequence and brain would create earth bound mindless slaves………………………. perfecto, NWO achieved with flying colors.

This also matches up perfectly with why AstraZeneca stopped their vaccine trials.
“A participant in AstraZeneca’s clinical trials for its COVID-19 vaccine said, after taking the vaccine: “They’ve killed God; I can’t feel God anymore – my Soul is dead”.

These COVID-19 vaccines are changing the human DNA making GMO humans.

This was originally created for use back in 2005…. This video is at the pentagon regarding what was called then the “Fun Vax”.

In the video a man in the audience jokes “so you suggest a CT scan when I am deciding whether or not to put a bullet in their head? ” (Not exactly funny asshole). https://youtu.be/spw5nmUrpWA

Then I went on to find this article as well which apparently the author agrees with me…………. So seriously do some thinking before you vaccinate yourself or your kids………….. How important is your soul to you?

Source article https://nw-connection.com/opinion-whats-in-the-covid19-vaccine/

3 thoughts on “Want to know why COVID and WHY the Vaccine Agenda?

  1. Right now we do have a choice. Actually we always have a choice. Say no. If they make it mandatory for flight I guess Ill be walking!

  2. I don’t think that the Holy Spirit is limited to a gene. We christians are spiritual as well as – or even more than – material.

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