Protect Your Health Around Those Who Have Gotten the COVID Shot.

In a crazy twist of events, those rushing to protect themselves from this 98% recoverable coronavirus are now inadvertently turning the tables. What they have injected isn’t a vaccine at all. It has been labeled as such because no one in their right mind would accept an experimental gene therapy that is injected via a theragripper nano tech bot which is coated in a karosene wax layer and melts when inside the body revealing the little metal transporter which then opens and attaches to cell walls release the gene therapy treatment.

Yep… I said it.
That is the truth folks.. and not only is it in the shot, its apparently possibly in the PCR tests (which do not work at all, no actual virial variant has been isolated. Which is why a Goat and an Orange have come up positive.) The ONLY reason for the testing is to shove a nanobot up into your blood brain barrier. Think about it. Supposedly transmittable by sneeze yet to test it that swab has to go all the way up to your brain?

Why would anyone create something like this?

Easy answer. There are far too many of us. This is a giant depopulation plot and man is it ever working. That’s a subject for another day because this blog would then become a book.

Back to the shot – No one has exact data on this yet, but tons of people are experiencing problems including blood clots, stroke, heart attack, missing periods, and deciduous casting (shedding of the entire uterus), and even restarting menstruation in those already past menopause. These are not the symptoms of the “immunized”, this is the people around them. This is very scary to say the least.

The unvaccinated now need to protect themselves from those who have gotten the shot. Talk about a shit show!

HOW do we protect ourselves?
Pine Needle Tea seems to offer a possible answer.

Going one step further from this I decided to consult a couple of physicians and ask them if essential oil of pine would work as it is more concentrated and potent. They agreed that it would be the same effect.

What I am choosing to try is this:

The combination of:

Pine Essential oil (Protection from spike proteins) Disclaimer for the tea and the oil : Pine extract is an immune modulator, which means when you start using it, it can either improve your immune function or worsen it depending on how your immune system reacts to it. Try it, but discontinue right away if you feel off on it.
Lemon Essential Oil (cellular detoxification)

Frankincense Oil (DNA Repair and ability to cross the blood brain barrier and detox)

More info to be added some time soon. Make sure you click on the links included in this as they take you to more in depth info, I just wanted to get this up and out to people.


7 thoughts on “Protect Your Health Around Those Who Have Gotten the COVID Shot.

  1. You can either put them on topically and let them absorb transdermally (through the skin) (bottoms of your feet or base of your neck/brain stem area) just a few drops of each (2-3) daily.

    You can also ingest them. put the drops in water and add honey like a tea. But really frankincense tastes gross.

  2. The ones I personally know and trust as I have researched and used over the years are Doterra and Young Living. They distill and extract with steam and pressure.

  3. Young Living is the only EO that has gone thru the FDAs process to label for internal use. They stand by the purity of their oils and label for internal use.

    Have also seen recommendations for Cistus Rock Rose Tea for the same benefit.

  4. Yep young living is awesome. good to know on the Citrus Rock Rose tea! Doterra and young living are right on par with one another.

  5. I actually do not know. Nano filaments are not the same as a spike protein. Would it attract and absorb the protein? Maybe. Could it hurt? Nope… Might be worth a try. Worst case it does nothing for that and you take a nice detox bath.

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