21 thoughts on “Enter the Class Action Law Suit Against Facebook Censorship by Donald Trump

  1. I’ve had it with Facebook tossing me in FB Jail and calling me a Bully. I’m 73 years old and have just gotten out of a week of FB Jail and called a Bully which I am not. I know what a Bully is since I was bullied as a child growing up. Seems when someone uses the Black card and they are not Black you cannot call them out or call them an ugly B. The person who must have turned me is is nothing more than a radical leftist Democrat who takes joy in causing problems and I guess she thinks I one. I posted what a Bull is and I do not fit what they said a Bully is. FB said it did not conform to their standards. What standards are they talking about since what I said was not even close to their so-called standards. They have even put people in jail for sharing shelter dogs to much. How is that against standards since I cannot find one thing about sharing shelter dogs to much. This has got to stop. They are attacking all of us conservatives or should I say Republicans. They are also using posts from months and years ago and putting people in jail for them…These Dictators of Facebook and Twitter and Google and UTube need to be stopped. Section 230 needs to be done away with. These big Techs think they are God and are treating us less like Americans with freedoms to a dictatorship like Cuba. Between my husband and I we have over 100 years of career military men who have been in war protecting America and the people. My husband alone spent 30 years in the US Marines, three tours in Vietnam, wounded receiving the Purple Heart, several Bronze starts and was awarded the Silver Star My family story would shock you and everyone else. My father was a full Bird Col in the Air Force and was with Strategic Air Command and worked with Lockheed Martin on the super spy plans that the American people knew nothing about back then. He had a Top Secret Clearance and my family had Secret Clearances. I knew things growing up that I wasn’t allow to talk about but I can now like the U-2 and SR-71 both aircraft my father flew. My grandfather was a full Col in the Army and was a medical doctor and after leaving the Army became Chief of Staff of the VA in Los Angeles. My father-in-law was a Chief Petty Officer and stationed with his wife and two sons (my husband was only 3 months old) in Hawaii during Pearl Harbor attack so they all were consider Pearl Harbor Survivors. I could go on and on but I just wanted everyone know that I’m not a nut case or anything like that. I was born a true Patriot and I’m tire of being censored. I want to help anyway I can to stop this madness in our country today. My grandparents and parents produced true products of the Greatest Generation. I will not allow what they did for America be tossed in the trash.

  2. I want in on the class action lawsuits against Facebook and it’s censorship.

  3. I want to so these low lifeโ€™s too!!!!!!!!!!!!……30 days restriction for telling the truth!!!!!??…what ever happened to Freedom of speech???……Facebook needs a hard slap!!!!!!!…Maybe in the form of millions of dollars!!!!!…..Iโ€™m in!!!!

  4. I have been banned for the 4 or 5th time for 30 days. I want to join in on the lawsuit. How do we join?

  5. We want added th the class action law suit. Iโ€™m always in trouble posting the truth. They donโ€™t like my posts and consider them harmful.

  6. Tired of being silenced for saying what we believe in or be bullied for it. They need to pay for their nonsense. Especially silencing the president of the United States for speaking what the American people need to hear and know. It gave other countries more power against us. This election was fraudent and absolutely twitter, facebook and instagram and google all had a major part in not telling the truth as well as the fake news. People need to be held accountable for this.

  7. Joined โ€ฆ facebook has become a tyrant stomping all over our rights

  8. I want in on this class action! I was just thrown in fb jail for a comment I’ve seen multiple times and they said I went against Community Standards..

  9. http://www.takeonbigtech.com to join in!
    I feel ya! I’m in 30 days right now cause some obnoxious woman came and started trouble on my wall. I told her “Bye bitch! don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out!” and BAM “Bullying”. No, I am not a bully. You are a complete spineless wimp of a snowflake. Grow a set and realize not everyone will like you and that is ok!.

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