Don’t Support the Narrative on Facebook? BANNED

Once again, I have been accused and persecuted for “inciting violence” when in truth I was doing exactly the opposite.
A friend posted the list of school shootings in recent years. It’s a huge staggering list! Way too many lives have been lost, affected, and traumatized, needlessly. Mental health help seriously needs to be bumped up in this society.

My comment was that I supported teachers having the option to carry if they felt comfortable doing so. Not because I supported them shooting, but because it would be a major deterrent for these temper tantrums that are resulting in deaths.

30 minutes after posting I get this notice.

Are you kidding me? I’m inciting PEACE and SECURITY!


One thought on “Don’t Support the Narrative on Facebook? BANNED

  1. That’s so sad……My original account was deactivated and they refused to tell me why….
    Give me the address of your jail and I’ll visit you every Sunday that you’re incarcerated!!!…Hang in there baby…. Ken’s going to miss you!!!

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