Natural Trauma Care

What if the unthinkable happens? You have an accident, but you are nowhere near a hospital. What do you do?

Is there such a thing as “natural trauma care”? The answer is a resounding YES.

1. Small nicks, cuts or scratches: You can dab on cornstarch. It will stop the bleeding almost immediately. Additionally, oddly enough, spider webs work very well if you can find some. Grab a good sized spider web, blow off the spider and any other bugs or debris and wrap it around or place over the injured area. Once the bleeding stops, remove the web and clean the cut thoroughly.

2. A bloody nose: If you are experiencing a bloody nose open a bottle of vinegar and inhale deeply through your nose. Keep doing so and the bleeding should stop within a short time. Vinegar burns the blood vessels cauterizing them closed.

3. For a bleeding wound: Apply a little sugar and let it melt over the wound. This will stop the blood from continuing to flow.

4. If you suspect a blood clot: You can take the herb Dong Quai to help break up the clot but do try and seek out medical attention as soon as possible as blood clots can be incredibly dangerous depending on location.

5. Ice: Reducing the temperature drastically slows bleeding as well as helps prevent future inflammation and bruising at the site of injury.

6. Small wounds:  Cayenne pepper sprinkled into the wound will help to stop the bleeding as well black pepper.

7. Splinters: To remove small splinters from the skin easily, wet a bar of soap and rub the sharp end of a sewing needle in it, so that the needle has a liberal coating of soap. Then rub the soapy needle in the opposite direction of the splinter. As soon as the splinter has some soap in it, squeeze it, and it should come right out. This method is painless and is good for use on children. For removing splinters of glass from the skin pour some hydrogen peroxide on the skin. The splinter will bubble itself out after a few minutes. Do not squeeze as more tissue damage may occur.

8. Burns: The best thing for a burn is to apply cool water liberally. Do ensure that the water is not too hot or too cold. Blisters will be formed, but that is a part of the natural healing process. If you want to avoid blisters you could try one of these home remedies. Cut a tomato into wedges and rub one slice on the burn. The acid from the tomato takes the pain away and the burn will not blister. You can also use cold water and vinegar compresses until the pain goes away and then apply potato slices on the area.

9. After any injury for overall healing – Arnica Montana 1M (trauma care blend) Specifically designed to speed recovery from a major physical trauma, TraumaCare™ is generally considered too strong for a minor bump or bruise.

To learn more about natural care give us a call at Nutrition Specialists of Florida | Chiropractor Bonita Springs – Dr. Gary Gendron. 239-947-1177 or visit us online by going to

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Hurricane Irma – Looking on the Bright Side

Here in Florida, let’s be honest..for the most part we live a rather idyllic life. Sunshine, sand, great weather, palm trees… it’s vacation central. We get used to it and become complacent and set in our ways. We go about our days living our own lives focused on many of the wrong things – What we don’t have (lack) rather than what we do (abundance). We end up lacking appreciation for the basic beauty in life that we enjoy on a regular basis.

Hurricane Irma has swept through and taken away (temporarily) a lot of that. Washing out properties, blowing down huge trees and leaving us displaced and literally powerless.

What was left? – Each other. A sense of community and ironically for the internet and phones getting spotty if not cut off – a better overall communication.

As we repair, replace and replant – yes let’s return to normal… but if we hang on to just one thing – the actual gift inside of this mess – let us try not to lose what we gained – appreciation of life, of home, of family and even of strangers…

Special thanks to the Weather Channel as well as CNN (for giving us all super duper anxiety) – When Jim Cantore showed up – yeahhhhh…. While I appreciate the tracking and reporting of the hurricane, their unnecessary descriptions of “nuclear hurricane” and “this is what hell is going to look like” didn’t really help the already tense situation. #CalmDownMedia #JimCantoreAHHH!


Ok, now go plug your phones in! 😉 Thanks for reading.

HOW TO: Stick to Your Eating Plan While Traveling!

Let’s face it. We have been conditioned to be a society based on ease and convenience. We have become used to a grab and go mentality when it comes to eating. Drive throughs, prepackaged meals you can grab at any convenience store, individualized snack packages, all of it makes it easiest to eat processed unhealthy foods rather than keep yourself on track. It can feel like the cards are sometimes stacked against you, especially if you spend time on the road for work or traveling.

Though it may at first thought seem daunting to try and travel with food, the reality of it is that not only is it easier than trying to find healthy items on the go, it is the most convenient option there is once you are properly prepared.

If you are traveling by car you can very easily take all of your food with you. Unless you have ever spent time around those who are serious about their food intake and physical training you likely don’t even know these bags exist. They are far better than your average cooler and specially designed to hold individual meals such as those through

Shopping online you can find them through a number of sources, one we have used and recommend is made by 6 Pack Fitness. It is durable, strong, roomy and keeps food cold for extended periods of time thanks to the insertable, reusable ice packs. They come in a range of styles and sizes to fit your needs from travel for a weekend, to backpacking, even cases perfect for a professional day at the office. Many bag sizes fit in the carry on compartment in the majority of airliners so even if you are flying, that should not deter you from your nutritional goals.

1. Grab some hard boiled eggs. These make an incredible protein packed snack. If whole eggs do not fit into your daily macros, snack on the egg whites and toss the yolk. Each egg white contains 3.6grams of protein and virtually no fat.

2. Fat-Free Greek Yogurt (8oz) – add in 1 cup of berries and a tablespoon of almonds for flavor and texture.

3. Quest Protein Bars – These come in a huge assortment of flavors. They are nutritionally balanced and can keep your energy as a great occasional meal substitute.

4. Go Nuts! – Cashews, Almonds, Macadamia Nuts, Pecans, Walnuts – all are healthy fats and high in protein.

5. Protein Shake – Pre portion shaker cups at home, toss them in your bag. Just add water and shake! This is a great way to make sure you meet your protein requirements daily with no hassle. Keep in mind that shakes are a supplement. Your main source of protein needs to come from whole foods.

6. Beef or Turkey Jerky – Tasty, healthy, filling and easy to carry. These are a must have for car trips, plane flights, and even backpacking.

7. Liquid Egg Whites – Gross!? You may be thinking – But many bodybuilders actually drink egg whites. It is an instant, easily digestible form of protein that you can grab on the go from any grocery store. When cold and right out of the fridge, drinking them actually tastes pretty good!

8. Rice Cakes with or without peanut butter – Rice cakes can satisfy that need to crunch without extra calories, fats or preservatives.

Life requires movement. Travel is inevitable. Don’t let a change to your daily routine get in the way of your nutrition and fitness goals. When you learn the tips and tricks the pros use, life gets abundantly easier. So grab a bag, place your food order, pack up and let’s get going! You can do this!

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Has Your Facebook Account Been Compromised?

Find out if you are the only one logging on to your Facebook

While Facebook is fairly secure, with hackers where there is a will there is a way! It is easy to check your settings and see where logins have been coming from. Here is how!
Just follow these simple steps.

#1 Go to your settings


#2 Click Security & Login





#3 You can now see “Where you are logged in”

logged in

From there you can delete any connections that you do not recognize. The wizard will guide you through to change your password and re-secure your account verifying recent apps added, activity, page roles, and other security measures.


Facebook wizardThough not every connection will be a hacker, sometimes you will see pinged tower locations for cell phone use, but if you don’t recognize a location, better safe than sorry.

Keep your digital information safe folks.

Sarah Barendse






Good vs. Evil – The Truth Can Set Us FREE! FREE VIEWING TODAY

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If you’ve been watching my emails over the past week, you KNOW how critical this situation is…

Because the food we used to eat as kids is VASTLY different from the food we’re eating now.

You know it. I know it. Heck, we can even taste it. Our fruits, veggies, and meats just don’t have the mixture of delicious flavors like they used to.

Why? Because the GMO conglomerate is chemically manipulating what we eat. And it’s not only turning our food into a bland, unappetizing mush…

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Wonder Why You Don’t See Friends in Your FaceBook Feed Anymore?

Whether you realize it or not you may have inadvertently not put some of your favorite people in your top 30.

That’s right, you only get 30 slots to Follow First on Facebook now. Everyone else gets mixed into the randomness of up to your 5,000 friend limit.

How do you check to see if someone is in your 30?

It is actually pretty easy. Go to their profile. Click on FOLLOW. A drop down box option is there for Follow First. Click that. They will be added to your 30. BUT…






IF you have reached your limit you will see this:





You must then edit your list and remove someone in order to replace that slot.

Those with blue stars are highlighted and chosen to follow first.

To unselect or select, simply click.


There you have it – you have now revamped your Facebook feed in so far as who you will see posts from first.

This also explains the absence of some of your friends!
Happy Facebooking!



The Biggest Environmental Disaster in the History of Mankind

It’s being called “The Biggest Environmental Disaster in the History of Mankind,” but chances are you haven’t heard about it.

That’s because companies like Monsanto are making billions of dollars on genetically modified foods and the toxic chemicals they are designed to be used with, and they’d rather you not know how this affects your health and the state of the environment.

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It’s up to us to become educated about what GMOs are doing to our bodies and the environment.

Real change only happens when people like you and me join together to raise awareness and demand accountability.

Please put August 22nd through August 31st on your calendar, and join me in watching GMOs Revealed during this free screening event. We can’t afford to be uninformed on this important topic any longer.

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GMO’s Revealed! – Become a Paid GMO Warrior

August 15th is fast approaching. That is the date that this docu-series is going to set the world on fire and hopefully burn Monsanto’s dreams to the ground. 

If you are a Natural News reader, chances are you are one of the ever growing population who knows what GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) are and are aware of  the health dangers that they cause as well as the damage that is done by the herbicides and pesticides being sprayed on them to keep bugs away and unnaturally accelerate growth.

Now is the time. We need to ban together and help expose on a world wide level the biggest environmental disaster in the history of mankind.

GMO’s ARE POISON. They are silently killing our land, our food, and in turn all of us.

When this series releases on August 15th, 2017 we are counting on our educated GMO warriors to help spread the truth. This isn’t just speculation or hearsay. This series is delivered by researchers, scientists, and experts from around the globe. It is guaranteed to change the way you shop and look at food.

How we have set this up for your success:

It’s Simple – Be yourself and make money doing what you love. Shine your light and spread the word – Online, in emails, to friends directly…

Experts on board who you will hear from within the series include Dr. Joseph Mercola, Tara Cook Littleman, Sayer Ji, Toni Bark MD, MHEM, Jeffrey Smith, Nancy Weiser, Vani Hari, Zen Honeycutt, Kathleen Kelly Hallal, Beth Beisel, Dr. Alex Lu, Dr. Jayson Calton, Ph.D, Mira Calton, CN, Gunnar Lovelace, Dr. Zachary Bush, MD, Dr. Ed Group, DC, Dr. Gerry Curatola DDS, Tami Canal, Stephanie Seneff, PhD., Les Berenson, MD, Christian Krupke, Greg Horn, Robert Saik, Mark Kastel, Diana Reeves, Dr. Daniel Pompa, and Dr. Patrick Gentempo.
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Dr. Coldwell Book Release! Pre-Order NOW! “The Only Answer to The Only Cancer Patient Cure”

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Beauty Gone Organic!

If you are looking for truly homemade organic healing beauty products you need to check out Valley High Herbal Remedies. Their line of exclusive products is available currently only by visiting The Essential Store.

Over the years I have done tons of research and written numerous articles on the toxicity of many store-bought beauty products. Valley High Herbal Remedies contain no GMO ingredients, organic when possible and when sources are not able to be found organic they choose wildcrafted ingredients without the use of herbicides or pesticides.

When trying new products, honestly you never know what to expect as far as quality goes. I was very pleasantly surprised by Valley High.

Soft Lips – Valley High Lip Balm

I am head over heals in love with the lip balms. While normal chapsticks leave your lips feeling waxy and actually dry and craving another application after only a very short time because of the combination of natural oils these leave your lips feeling soft for hours.

They are available in Orange, Tangerine, Lime, Vanilla and even Lavender-Calendula.

Have Allergies, Anxiety or Breathing Issues?

Specially formulated inhalers for headache pain, cold & flu, anxiety or allergies are available. They work just like the Vicks inhalers you can buy at the drug store, only more effective. Made with essential oils which can penetrate cellularly to clear and heal.

Are you a Tiger Balm or Icy Hot Junkie?

If so, you will love Pain Be Gone Massage Butter. I have been using this on a sore knee both before and after working out and it has been helping tremendously. (and unlike the former mentioned brands, I don’t smell like I am 80 when wearing it.) It is offered in regular and extra strength.

Finally a Healthy Moisturizer

Whipped Cocoa Butter – this lightly chocolaty scented body butter naturally contains vitamins and minerals that nourish the skin and body. It has been specially blended with an array of other oils and essential oils to bring your skin back to life!

Dry Cracked Skin Repair

The Skin Healing Moisturizing Butter is for you if you have dry, rough or cracked areas that need healing. It can be used daily and I could see results in about a week.

Drop the Fluoride Tooth Paste!

Regardless of what the dental industry tells all of us Fluoride is toxic. Your best bet is Re-mineralizing tooth powder. While it is a little weird getting used to a powder rather than a paste the results are worth it. Wet your tooth brush, dip it in the powder and brush away. This combination of oils, diatomaceous earth, baking soda, erythritol and other ingredients helps heal not only your teeth but your gums as well. This is a must have for every family.

Herbal Healing Salve

What do you reach for when you cut, scrape, bruise or burn yourself. This is my new salve of choice. Natural Neosporin. I have used comfrey salve since I was a kid, thanks to my very smart herbalist of a mother. This blend not only has comfrey, it also includes plantain leaf, calendula flower, beeswax, olive oil and lavender oil. It doesn’t get much more healing than that!

Calendula Body Butter

Simply said? if you want great feeling healthy skin – This is the product to use.

The Verdict?
The Essential Store IS essential. I for one will be shopping here again as soon as I run out. To learn more please visit online by going to



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