How to Stop the Disarming of America – Get the facts for free

What will you do when Biden and his cronies come for your guns?

I mean just look at these comments they’ve recently made in public for all to hear…

“Banning guns is an idea whose time has come” – Biden

“I support a mandatory gun buyback program.” Vice President Kamala Harris

“Ban assault weapons now. Ban them now!” (President Biden, State of the Union Address, 2023)

They do it in the name of protecting people… 

But the fact is when guns get taken away from law-abiding citizens like you and I, freedom dies:

FACT #1 – In Canada, hundreds of law-abiding citizens had their bank accounts frozen for disagreeing with Justin Trudeau

FACT #2 – While in Australia, innocent people were locked in ‘Covid camps’ against their will, despite being 100% virus free

So excuse me for being suspicious… 

But when the wolves in sheep’s clothing sit down for dinner… 

Your 2nd amendment rights are the main course.

How will you respond?

Check out Firearms and Freedoms, Ammunition for Debate


This is packed with “controversial” expert interviews you can only access here.

I’ve no doubt… 

Certain government agencies are hoping you don’t watch a single minute of this.

And, it will only be available for a very short time because this is the exact information “they” don’t want you to have.

This will be censored, you can count on it. 

So, if you love freedom…

You’ll love hearing from other freedom-lovers like JP Sears, Max Tucker, Kendra Geronimo, ex-Navy Seal Jeff Gonzales, and dozens more.

Arm yourself with the facts.


P.S. Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your 2nd amendment rights. 

Watch Firearms and Freedoms now and learn from the experts who know the truth about gun control and its impact on freedom.

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