What if it Were You?

This is my friend Jen. We met when we were barely in our 20’s in Vermont working together at Vermont Teddy Bear. That was over 20 years ago.

Regular Dry Brushing Could Help Prevent Breast Cancer

Dry brushing is an Ayurvedic medicinal technique of skin brushing with a natural hard bristle skin bush that helps the lymphatic drainage system flush itself of unwanted waste and toxins. It has been used for centuries.

YEEEE! Final Round Coming up!

It’s go time! Thank you for your support so far. We have made it through 3 rounds and this Thursday will decide if I make the finals!

THANK YOU! I made it to the top 10!

This Thursday night will mark the top 5… (so many rounds… I think this is kind of excessive, but I get that it is for charity to support Breast Cancer so dragging it out makes it a “bigger” contest)… I appreciate all of your support and votes. Not over but I’ve landed in 2nd of…