What if it Were You?

Would you hope that your friends, family, random kind strangers, might see what you are going through and not see you as a statistic, but as another fellow human being enduring a great deal of pain who could use a little help?

Boy, I sure would.

This is my friend Jen. We met when we were barely in our 20’s in Vermont working together at Vermont Teddy Bear. That was over 20 years ago. We are still friends. Jen has developed breast cancer and is undergoing chemo, radiation, and is about to undergo surgery.

She is one of the strongest most vivacious people I have the pleasure of knowing… but everyone has a breaking point. She is trying to be strong through this not just for herself but for her family. Financially this is breaking them. Between the stress and Jen’s illness – it’s too much.

I don’t generally reach out to my readers asking anything – I am usually filling you in on a thought, a tidbit I have learned, or just sharing a funny thought or story. But today I am asking – HELP.

If you can help financially? Great! Even $1 helps and is appreciated.
If you aren’t in a place where you are able – I totally understand… But could you take a moment and just send Jen a good wish for health and happiness and one for her family too?

It would mean a lot to me.
Thank you sincerely,

This is Jens full Story – as told by her.

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