Tsu.co – Original Content Violations – You may or may not be paid

Tsu.co – Original Content Violations – You may or may not be paid.

After a bumpy start with Tsu.co back in November, 2014 (see original stories here and here), and receiving an apology letter from Sebastian, creator of Tsu.co, I continued to post and build my downline (family) on Tsu.co. My bank currently sits at $20.65 on account.

The question many are asking now is “Is that money which is accumulating, really mine? Will the check be written when it reaches the payout mark of $100.”

The subject is being raised because of the question of what constitutes “Original Content” I have seen numerous posts asking for clarification.

Here is the actual answer:

1. https://www.tsu.co/terms/copyright
2. Content guidelines http://www.tsu.co/faq (click on content Guidelines under FAQ).

One paragraph reads:

Intellectual Property: Tsu.co promotes and rewards original content creators. Violating copyright law by posting someone else’s content without their permission is against the tsu terms and illegal. Some of the highest quality and most engaging content is your own. Whether it’s a photo of your dog wearing sunglasses, your favorite spot in town, or your grandpa’s 80th birthday; your friends and followers are here to get to know you. If you have a camera-phone, you’re a creator! We hope you will be inspired to show us what you can do.
We take content ownership very seriously at tsu. Please be sure that you have the right to share content with respect to copyrights, trademarks and other legal rights before doing so.

It seems that the majority of us are and have been doing it wrong. We are in violation and therefore gains made in this manner are invalid. When we reach the payout mark it is more than likely we will not receive a check.

So folks, It is not like Facebook in that we can share and post things we find that are amusing, funny, informative, interesting or so on.

Given, Facebook does not pay us for the posts we make, but chances are, unless you have been creating 100% your content posted on your wall neither will Tsu.

Now that you know the rules, you can play by them.
 I, myself, either wasn’t paying attention or it wasn’t made very clear.
My wall is a mish-mash of things that are indeed original and mine as well as a collection of other items I found, identified with and wanted to share.

Is it worth the time and energy?

Only you can really decide that.
 But don’t be surprised when you reach the pay out mark and all you get is a note that reads “ Go directly to TSU Jail. Do not pass go – do not collect $100”


You are more than enough

I am me and that is more than enough.


Every day I read things from and hear people saying that they are working, striving, dreaming of attaining and reaching for… All of that is great…


What’s not great is that I also see in some a distinct feeling of not currently being enough, having enough and they aren’t happy.


Goals are wonderful and necessary. They are prized, valued and pushed for in our society. The problem is that goals are always future oriented. What about the here and now? It isn’t possible to live in the future anymore than it’s possible to live in the past.


The moment you truly appreciate yourself simply for the you-ness of you and that no one else could ever fill that role in this world, valuing yourself and your uniqueness – the perspective starts to shift.


Success isn’t about attaining anything other than a solid inner feeling of safety, security, self-love and as a result happiness.



Look around



Appreciate where you are

Appreciate who you are

Appreciate that you are


You aren’t your job

You aren’t the car you drive

You aren’t the people you associate with

You are you

And that is more than enough.