Death, Non-Attachment, Love, and The Coming Times

This is going to be a very tumultuous time coming up here and it is already ramping up. Whether you believe the vaccine works or doesn’t work, should be used, or should be banned, it really doesn’t matter. The fact is that deaths are increasing. Whether they are from the virus itself or from the vaccine, it doesn’t really matter when the fact is that death is the end result.

You are going to lose people you are friends with and even those you love.

No matter what this time frame in history isn’t going to be easy. But realizing two things I think can soften the blow a bit.

  1. We are not our bodies. These human suits are just temporary vessels. We are energy. We are spirit. We are eternal. Just because someone “dies” doesn’t make them “dead”. It makes them gone on the earth plane. We grieve their loss because to us it is a loss. We don’t get the pleasure of their presence any longer. We miss them. It hurts our hearts. Its natural to miss them and be sad and upset, but know that they on a spirit level, are ultimately ok.
  • We all have our own path. Not everyone is supposed to make it through this. Not everyone chooses to on a soul level. Honestly, I can’t really say I blame them. I know this sounds harsh and or just plain weird, but when we come to this place, we incarnate with a plan. We agree to the life lessons. They are ours and ours alone and not everyone will understand them. That is ok.

What can we do that may help?

  1. Love fully. Appreciate people NOW and show them love and appreciation. Leave nothing unsaid between yourself and anyone.
  • Practice non-attachment – This is a confusing one and takes practice to master. Love, unconditional means understanding even when it doesn’t suit you. Love doesn’t die when a person does. Attachment is possessive. Love is freeing. Love people as they are and respect their choices even if you completely and totally disagree with them to a fault so long as their choices do not harm or threaten you. Being non-attached, no matter how much you love someone, makes it easier to let go.

Buckle up and hang on to your britches – this is going to be one hell of an interesting time. Stay strong in what you believe, fear nothing, fear no one, stand up for yourself and others.
This life is just an illusion anyway and we are all being tested.

This won’t make sense to or resonate with everyone and that is ok.

The C o v i d ‘S h o t’ – What THEY Don’t Want You to Know

In theory an immunologic (a vaccine) is supposed to help the recipient defend against an illness. They are not designed to prevent you from transmitting anything. In fact, if you read the normal flu shot insert, they make you a potential carrier for up to 12 days post injection.

That would be the antithesis of helping other people with their health. Right?

The COVID mRNA “shot”, isn’t even a vaccine. It’s being mislabeled because no one would take an emergency approved experimental injectable medical device which is a nanoparticle pathogen creator. This pathogen creator now makes you, the injected, a potential spreader of spike proteins to others.

Congrats. You are now a bioweapon in human form.
You are part of the biggest medical experiment in history that violates the Nuremberg code.
The mass numbers of people dying from this shot are being covered up and the media is complicit.

If you get the shot you can expect to get covid (at the very least, if you are lucky) and have blood clots throughout the body at any time post shot. It is also being found to cause Prion Disease (Mad Cow). Symptoms can include: lethargy, personality changes, blurred vision, blindness, memory loss, trouble speaking, disorientation, aggression, paranoia, and more. This shot also contains animal DNA, which can mutate your own DNA code turning you in to a chimera. You are no longer 100% human.

Confused yet?
They are doing this on purpose…..
The goal is depopulation and you are walking right off the cliff while singing their praises and yelling at the rest of us that we aren’t being “good citizens” for following your lead.

Do not take the covid shot unless you are a suicidal masochist.

2020 – The Full Scoop On What is Happening Energetically and Your Role

Please listen to the above audio from Children of the Sun’s Tiara Kumara.

It helps to explain on a Universal spiritual level what is going on right now, what is to come, why its happening, and how you can help.

Want to know why COVID and WHY the Vaccine Agenda?

Look up the Vmat2 Gene…………. It’s what they intend to kill it in all of us by way of the vaccine……………..

Vmat2 s is known as the God gene. It’s your connection to your higher self and God. Eliminating this from your DNA sequence and brain would create earth bound mindless slaves………………………. perfecto, NWO achieved with flying colors.

This also matches up perfectly with why AstraZeneca stopped their vaccine trials.
“A participant in AstraZeneca’s clinical trials for its COVID-19 vaccine said, after taking the vaccine: “They’ve killed God; I can’t feel God anymore – my Soul is dead”.

These COVID-19 vaccines are changing the human DNA making GMO humans.

This was originally created for use back in 2005…. This video is at the pentagon regarding what was called then the “Fun Vax”.

In the video a man in the audience jokes “so you suggest a CT scan when I am deciding whether or not to put a bullet in their head? ” (Not exactly funny asshole).

Then I went on to find this article as well which apparently the author agrees with me…………. So seriously do some thinking before you vaccinate yourself or your kids………….. How important is your soul to you?

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