How to Be Happy

I am amazed at how many people have yet to figure this one out. We are all born with an internal guidance system.
It’s called feeling. Feeling comes from the heart not from the brain. Logic and your mind will play games with you as it is your brain that has been programmed by life and society. Your heart is a free thinker, so to speak.

Internal conflict comes when your heart and your mind are at odds. My best advice is to always follow your heart. It is far smarter and truer to who you really are. It knows. Your mind just thinks it knows. Somewhere along the way your ego also likes to jump in and now you have an all out internal brawl. I’m fairly sure this is where emotional breakdowns and anxiety attacks come into play.

Here are some rules to follow in order to tell your mind and ego to shut it and tune into your heart.

 1. If you feel uneasy, unhappy, or ill at ease with something or someone – Simply remove yourself from the situation.

*Now I know at this point some will say, “It’s not that easy.”

It is.

You are for whatever reason, choosing to make it hard. If it’s a job – find another and quit. If it’s a relationship – get out. Whatever “it” is for you work towards moving on to something else.

 2. Live in the NOW.

Stop lamenting about the past – what you would have, could have, should have done. It makes zero difference – you cannot go back. Stop worrying about the future. You aren’t there yet. Future is formed by doing and being in the present and being here fully. Choose actions that will lead where you want to be.

Life is a choose your own adventure novel.

3. Stop beating yourself up because you aren’t perfect.

You aren’t meant to be perfect. You will never be “perfect”… This is earth school. We are spiritual beings having an earth bound experience in order to learn and grow and enjoy along the way. We are all our own individual masterpieces. There is no right, no wrong, and no perfect. In fact – In our imperfections we are always the perfect us at any given time.

 4. Show yourself some appreciation.  

You are an amazing being, yet many constantly put other people first. It is vital to take time to yourself and do things you enjoy and that make you happy. Its not possibly to make anyone else happy. But happy naturally rubs off on others…. So making yourself happy is key.

5. Listen to that inner voice. We all have one. It is far smarter than we are.

6. Be true to yourself and who you are. Never make changes for someone else unless you yourself believe they are in your best and highest interest and you are ready. Other people will always have opinions on you and your life……… They do not matter nearly as much as what you think of yourself.

 7.  Take time to meditate or if that isn’t your thing – just take some time every day to clear your mind and simply breathe…oxygenation heals and relaxes the body and mind.

8. You cannot medicate yourself into a state of happiness. Prescription drugs will cloud and cover and mask and yes, make you feel better for a while, but the actual issues causing the unhappiness aren’t going anywhere and will be there still until you choose consciously to make changes.

9. In summary? If something feels bad, off, wrong, makes you sad, depressed, uncomfortable? Stop doing it, participating in it, and/or allowing it in your world.

This is YOUR world. You are 100% in charge of it and you deserve to be happy.


If You See Something, Say something!

Compliment people when they deserve it………

It seems like these days most of the time only when something is wrong does it get vocalized… but what about when you think something good about someone? Do you readily tell them?

Getting genuine heart felt compliments can lift someone’s day. I have been surprised by reactions multiple times to saying something to someone and they look just perplexed. I ask “Surely you hear that often?” – The answer is almost always no… even if it’s something as generic as “you look very pretty today.” Which of course I cannot be the only one around thinking.

When you compliment someone honestly, it makes them feel good and in turn you feel good.

So what are you waiting for?

Lets take this crazy government campaign of  “If you see something, say something” and give it a whole new, better, healthier meaning.


You are more than enough

I am me and that is more than enough.


Every day I read things from and hear people saying that they are working, striving, dreaming of attaining and reaching for… All of that is great…


What’s not great is that I also see in some a distinct feeling of not currently being enough, having enough and they aren’t happy.


Goals are wonderful and necessary. They are prized, valued and pushed for in our society. The problem is that goals are always future oriented. What about the here and now? It isn’t possible to live in the future anymore than it’s possible to live in the past.


The moment you truly appreciate yourself simply for the you-ness of you and that no one else could ever fill that role in this world, valuing yourself and your uniqueness – the perspective starts to shift.


Success isn’t about attaining anything other than a solid inner feeling of safety, security, self-love and as a result happiness.



Look around



Appreciate where you are

Appreciate who you are

Appreciate that you are


You aren’t your job

You aren’t the car you drive

You aren’t the people you associate with

You are you

And that is more than enough.

Are you successful?

Are you successful?
Somehow this phrase has gotten twisted in people’s minds and what is often heard is:

“Are you financially well off?”


I measure success in happiness, health, quality of life, family, friends and relationships and experiences.


I enjoy my time here on earth (for the most part) (everyone has their days), and spend my time doing things I enjoy with people I care about.


I listen to my intuition and inner guidance and if something doesn’t feel right? – I stop doing it.


I live my life based in the idea that if I am enjoying life (and not hurting anyone) it is the right direction for me.


I lead my life based in feeling rather than thought and being bogged down by the over thinking mind.


Success to me is allowing myself to be vulnerable and open enough to really connect with other people, to let them see me as I am and to really listen and do the same with them.


Success is being there as a friend when people need me.. and in turn they are there for me.


Success is waking up and feeling good about myself and grateful for every thing that I have.


Success is being able to be present in the now and appreciate what is rather than always wishing for what could be.


Success is allowing all feelings fully no matter how uncomfortable because I know that stifling them leads to disaster.


Success is doing what I feel is right vs. just what is easy.


Success is being fully me no matter what anyone thinks.


Interestingly because I don’t live in the mindset of lack but rather abundance, money always does seem to show up when I need it.


When I was little my mom would reach in the glove box of the car at garage sales, find a few dollars, and declare “We’re rich!” so? I thought we were rich! Life, money, all of it – is about perception.

Living from a mindset of lack and holding tightly to money creates stagnant energy. Giving freely with out fear to help others opens you up energetically to attract more abundance into your life. We are always divinely supported – we just have to allow it. What I put out there, money or other wise has always come back to me.


So when someone asks “Sarah, are you successful?”


My answer is a resounding yes.
Every day in every way I am getting better and better and better.





Sarah’s Top Picks: Non-Toxic Personal and Household Products!

For several years now I have been writing about how toxic our worlds have become including our own households. It has been an adventure in label reading and research trying to find alternatives to the everyday grocery and department store stocked chemical laden products we are used to.


My first goal started with finding products that have not been animal tested. From there I then added to that wanting ingredients that you could pronounce and recognize as well as know that they are from nature and not scientifically created and safe to use on your body and in your home.


I do not mean GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe – The FDA’s sticker of approval) I mean that they are actually healthy to use and not damaging to the body in any way.


The two are totally different categories as the FDA has approved levels of highly toxic, corrosive and carcinogenic substances in just about everything on the market.


It has been trial and error once finding items that meet the criteria.

Many products, though the ingredients are good, just don’t work well.


I have wasted a lot of time and money over the past few years. In doing so I think I can save you some legwork and give you a point in the right direction.





CLEAN by Healthy Home Company is the only product I seem to need!

CLEAN brings back memories of childhood, when ad campaigns all said that your dishes should be “squeaky clean”… with CLEAN, they actually squeak! Plus it smells like tangerines which makes you actually want to clean. Aromatic motivation!

*This has been incredible for my shower doors and for washing my dog! I don’t really need any other cleaner besides this. Though they also make one called TOUGH for stains and gooier or tougher jobs.

*This also works for laundry detergent!



 LOTION: I am completely in love with the lotion from Healthy Home. It is super easy to find in your drawer because well, it’s named LOTION. Smooth, silky, fast absorbing – it works wonderfully on your entire body, face included.


BUY SPRAY: REPEL – Healthy Home – This spray on is non aerosol and smells nice. Bugs don’t seem to think so though. I put it on myself and my dog before going for a walk and we remain bite free!


SUNBLOCK: Yep, Healthy Home again. SPF 32 with no chemicals. Amazing! One of the biggest causes of skin cancer is not the sun, it is the chemicals used in commercial sunscreens. Highly recommend if you feel you must use a sunscreen.

DEODORANT: Ok this was the toughest of the tough for me to find. I have tried probably two dozen different kinds and most of them are just not effective and even in some cases caused me to sweat! FRESH from Healthy Homes is an alcohol base (so don’t shave your underarms right before putting it on – I found that out the hard way). Spray on, let it dry and you are good to go all day! Without the dangerous aluminum and other chemicals common in deodorants and antiperspirants. Though this isn’t an antiperspirant, I don’t seem to sweat while wearing it.



Doterra’s ON GUARD tooth paste is amazing. It tastes like Celestial Seasoning’s Orange Zinger tea and truly helps freshen, clean and heal your mouth, gums and teeth. It contains essential oils and no fluoride.

SMILE – By Healthy Home is their new tooth paste which is also a fantastic choice.


Make your own – Pinch of pink salt, water, and 1 drop of essential oil (peppermint, on guard blend from doterra, wild orange, or other oil of your choice (make sure its one that can be taken internally). Swish, gargle and rinse!


SHAMPOO (Named just that) From Healthy Home is fantastic. As is doTERRA’s Salon essentials. However, if you have color treated hair? These will suck the color out of them super fast. They are detoxifying shampoos and hair dye is toxic.
If your hair is color treated? – Best so far has been PomSmooth Shampoo by Juice Organics.


PomSmooth Conditioner by Juice Organics Hair Care. Healthy and good!


Amber’s Earth Buffing Grains hands down beat most facials. It exfoliates and cleanses the skin leaving it smooth.


The Vermont Soap Company’s Honey Soap. Honey is a citrus clove blend with notes added from local honey. I use this right after the scrub.


Once you get used to using organic items I have to tell you, perfumes? Stink! I can’t even consider spraying myself with them anymore. As the fragrance industry is not regulated literally anything can be used, however toxic. I like to use oils. Essential oils by themselves though do not have much staying power, so it is best to mix them in an oil base. You can do it yourself or buy blends. My favorites so far come from Esoterica in New Orleans.  Money oil and Aquarius oil are what I personally choose, but of course choose your own!



Juice Beauty is where I have finally landed in buying make up. Commercial make up is terrible for your body. It can contain a whole array of chemicals where as this is organic. Their formulations are made without parabens, petroleum, propylene or butylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, pesticides, phthalates, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances. Their products are never tested on animals. It combines juice extracts and minerals.



I have started just using the Vermont Honey Soap to shave. It works just as well without all the chemicals in shaving cream.

Moldavite Essence Lip Balm – 
by Gaia’s Healing Gifts. This is the smoothest lip balm I have ever used. It is not waxy at all and keeps your lips from getting chapped.


There is no need to flood your body with chemicals in order to maintain the status quo appearance…. Thanks to companies like these – We no longer have to die to be beautiful.


I highly recommend that you click through to all of the linked sites as they offer tons more products than I have mentioned in this article!