The Body Builder’s “Doggie Omelette”

We all know the bodybuilding crowd consumes mass amounts of eggs. To be more specific, egg whites. The question becomes when you are cooking those up, are there two little eyes staring up at you in the kitchen?

 If you are a body builder with a dog in the house, don’t toss those egg yolks. The pan is still hot. When your omelet is done, pop the yolks in the pan and treat your dog to a nutrient packed “Doggie Body Builder Omelet”.

Egg yolks are an excellent source of protein, cholesterol, and fat. These are essential for dogs – protein builds muscle and fat encourage energy. Egg yolks contain vitamins E, D, A and K. 

“Just the fats man, Just the fats…”

The Fats: Are good for your dog’s coat and skin.

The Cholesterol: No worries. It does not affect dogs as it does humans. It will give your dog a shiny coat.

The Vitamins: Provide a nutritional boost not found in most dog foods.

Vitamin A – benefits the eyes and keeps the body’s mucous membranes moist.

Vitamin D  – helps dogs absorb calcium, which in turn promotes bone health.

Vitamin E – protects the body’s tissues and encourages healthy red blood cell formation.

Vitamin K – is essential for blood clotting.

Ingredients: 1-6 Egg yolks depending on the size of your dog (and how many you have left over)

1 sprinkle of Pink Salt. (contains trace minerals)

Recipe: Scramble and serve with a dog cookie of your choice 😉

The Result: A happy spoiled healthy dog who loves you very much.


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Is it “Reverse Weight-ism”?

It seems society is up in arms these days in regard to making sure they are politically and socially correct as not to offend anyone. We tiptoe around things we are thinking because it might make someone feel bad.

Being nice is never a bad thing after all our parents taught us “if you can’t say anything nice, it’s better not to say anything at all.” With that, we don’t disagree.

But let’s be fair 

This leaves many of us wondering – Why has fat shaming become a thing… yet its ok to make fun of or pick on those who in the opposite direction, can’t manage to gain or keep on weight? 

The image comes to mind of the classic beach scene where the big buff muscular guy is kicking sand in the face of the thin guy in order to get the girl. Isn’t that bullying and prejudice too?

We call it Reverse Weight-ism

Telling someone to “eat a burger”, “damn your skinny” or calling them names like “Skeletor” is just as damaging as calling someone “fat ass” or other derogatory names. It damages the self-image and bruises the ego.

Stop it.

Putting other people down does not make you a better person or raise you up in any way. You might not even realize you are insulting them… after all, we are a “weight loss society”, it’s everyone’s goal to be thin. Right?


It is just as difficult, if not more so to add-on weight with a “too fast” metabolism than it is to take the pounds off with a slowed one.

Our point?

We are just asking you to try to be more aware of how your words could affect other people.


Don’t give up. You can get there with the right direction – diet, nutrition and belief… talk with us. We can help.

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