The Undeniable Link Between 😷 Health and Money 💵

There are 2️⃣ medical systems in America:

One that is available to the general public… And a second that is only available to those with enough money to access it. 😢


Did you know you can go through chemo—without losing your hair? Without the usual side-effects? BUT:

Insurance most likely will not cover it.

And that’s just one example… the list of treatments only available to those with the cash to pay for them grows by the day.

That’s not only true for emergency medical care—but for preventive measures as well…

🐄 Grass-fed butter, beef, collagen, whey… Pasture-raised eggs 🍳 and 🐔 chicken… Non-GMO, organic local produce…

Chiropractic care, dieticians, massage therapy… Infrared saunas, whole-house water filters, chemical-free cleaning products… 🥛

Quality supplements… Co-pays…

And everything in between…

They all cost money.

Those who can afford them experience better health and less stress. 🤗

You deserve access to all of them… YET:

⚠️ Modern education is NOT designed to teach you how to get rich… quite the opposite—it’s designed to keep your hard-earned money flowing out to others as fast as you can get it.

⚠️ Without understanding the truth about how the world of money works… nothing will change…

⚠️ And the best health will be off-limits to you and your family.

⚠️ There’s only ONE realistic way to deal with the root cause of the problem.

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Learning to Listen to Your Body

The human body is a finely tuned machine. It will tell you everything you need to know to maintain it, if you simply learn to listen.

Learning to listen to your own body is to learn to tune into your intuition. When in a consultation getting health advice, take note of how you feel. Does what the practitioner is telling you feel like it rings true for you? Or do you have some resistance? You know your body better than anyone, after all you have lived in it your entire life. If a diagnosis or suggestion for medical care doesn’t sit right with you, there is nothing wrong with questioning or even getting a second opinion. Never make health care decisions that don’t feel right to you or that you feel rushed or pushed to accept.

When you have an ache or a pain, do you automatically reach for a pill? Conditioning has taken place in society and the media over the years repeatedly telling us that is always the answer.

Have an ache or pain? Take a pill. While yes, that may get rid of your pain, the odds are it will come back again and you will need another. Why? Because medications do not actually cure, what they do is cover and mask the symptom temporarily allowing you to feel better and experience relief. While there is nothing wrong with short-term intermittent use, it is far more beneficial in the long run for your overall health to seek out the root cause so that you can cure yourself for good.

Today, most of us are taught from a very young age that if you do not feel well you should go see your medical doctor. While doctors are trained in many aspects of care, medical doctors receive minimal training in nutrition or how the body responds to more natural treatment options outside of pharmaceuticals, which are generally the “go to”.

This is not to say that you should go it alone when it comes to healthcare. There are a multitude of different modalities of healing which can all assist you on your path back to wellness, gently and naturally.

Nutrition Specialists of Florida offer far more than just chiropractic and take great pride in providing the finest care to each patient allowing them to heal naturally, achieve the most optimal results possible. Please call 239-947-1177 to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions!

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