UDATE: Landmark Case: Erick Shute GUILTY directly against the Stand Your Ground Law and the 2nd Ammendment

UPDATE: Justice Not Served. Erick Shute was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison as of July 18th, 2018. As of yet, an appeal has not been filed.

Original story from Oct 11th, 2017

It has been over a year and Erick Shute, the patriotic, vibrant, goofy, heavy metal singer is still awaiting trial for his self-defense case in the latest most controversial Stand Your Ground case West Virginia has seen in years in the small unincorporated town of Great Cacapon with a population of just around 350 people.

Shute’s trial is scheduled for April of 2018 in Berkeley Springs, formerly known as Bath. The small touristy town is known for its historical springs George Washington used to bathe in.

“Erick Shute is guilty of self-defense.” Greg Riggs (Inwood, WV)

Many people support Erick Shute in the VA, WV, PA, MD area yet the media coverage has decreased pending trial.

What would have happened if the WHAG media network played the full unedited hour and a half interview with Erick Shute’s mother, Linda Shute? While the full interview has been admitted into discovery evidence it was heavily edited for TV.

Shute believes if his entire story was heard it would cripple the States case beyond repair indicating that people are purposely being given information through the media painting a picture that benefits the State. This is in direct opposition to everything our justice system stands for in America – a fair and balanced media which would allow people across the nation to keep up to date and fully informed. The purpose of the full video was to try and prevent a second George Zimmerman type case where an innocent man, who never should have been tried, spent a lengthy period of time in jail. The outcome is that regardless of his finding of not guilty in the eyes of the court he is still, in some peoples eyes, guilty of murder as a direct result of the skewed media attack.

Will the whole truth ever be allowed to be revealed in State v. Erick Shute?
This is a landmark case. The big question is why is the media ignoring it?

Background and original article at the time the shootings took place https://sarahbarendse.com/2016/08/02/guilty-until-proven-innocent/

To learn more please visit www.freeerickshute.com.

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