Will Sarah Make The Finals!? YOU DECIDE!

Why vote for Sarah? ( my political campaign speech to motivate the crowd)


Well? The contest is called Fab over 40. I am over 40, 46-1/2 to be exact.

I am fabulous. At least I like me. I think you should too.

I have a healthy dose of self-esteem without being an egoic asshole and have empathy & compassion, and yet also stand up for myself and others and believe in “do no harm, but take no shit either”.

I live a life that is based on what makes me happy.

I try to help others when I can.

I speak the truth even when others are afraid to.

My biggest goal is just to be authentically myself.

Sure so far I am holding up well on the outside, but that isn’t what makes someone beautiful. Beauty comes from within. Beauty is your sense of humor and ability to see the light side of life even in the darkness. Beauty is the ability to connect with and reach others. Beauty is the ability to live in the now and not compromise yourself for anyone else. Beauty cannot be defined in just one way.. and it is unique to each person and to the beholder.

Being fabulous is a decision to be yourself regardless of what anyone else thinks.

This message is Sarah written and Sarah approved.

https://votefab40.com/2021/sarah-elrod VOTE please and thank you.

IT’S WORKING!!!! I AM IN 1st place!



THANK YOU! I made it to the top 10!

This Thursday night will mark the top 5… (so many rounds… I think this is kind of excessive, but I get that it is for charity to support Breast Cancer so dragging it out makes it a “bigger” contest)…

I appreciate all of your support and votes.

Not over but I’ve landed in 2nd of my group so far in both rounds!
That bodes well! ❤

Keep clicking! LOLhttps://votefab40.com/2021/sarah-elrod#fabover40#newbeautymagazine

The Votes Are IN!

✴️ I made it to the second round coming in 2nd in my group!

I am a bit confused as to this contest though. This is now the 2nd round, but it looks still like I am up against the same group? In any case……… Keep on voting daily for me!

I appreciate it very much!
I would love to win. I’d be able to do some good with the prize money as well as would love to do the magazine spread, god knows I have a lot to say! LOL

The link! https://votefab40.com/2021/sarah-elrod✅

#fabover40 and thanks again!