2020 is the Year of Simplicity

We have all become overburdened and stressed out. We take on too much and we are spread too thin. LET IT GO.

Whatever isn’t necessary for your life, let’s all downsize. Who are we doing all of this for anyway?

Look at your facebook for example. How many groups are you a member of? How many do you really participate in?

If that number doesn’t equal out it’s time to downsize. 

The same goes for followers and friends. Unless you are making money promoting, why are you bothering to entertain the world? For 2020 choose quality over quantity, life isn’t a competition.

While you are at it, click unsubscribe from all that junk email!

The focus of energy and attention can make your experience more fulfilling. There is no need to be a part of everything. Pick what speaks to you and move in that direction.

None of us are who we were a year ago…

Best wishes for an amazing 2020!

New Year’s Manifestations

This year when ringing in 2016 lets resolve not to do the same old same old………….

When you state a resolution it is a wish, a goal, a future manifestation of what you want… But, are you wording it right?
You get what you focus on. Positive or negative.

“I want to lose weight” (“want to” is future.. and never gets here) (lose weight = the feeling is I am fat)…
How about “Every day in every way I am getting better, healthier and more fit”

“I want to be happy” – Again, “want to” is future. Also indicates current feeling is anything other than happy.
Instead: “I now allow and accept happiness in my life”

“I need more money” – Feeling of desperation and focus on current lack.
“I am abundant and divinely supported, always.”

You get the idea.
Happy New Year!
2016 is going to be a good one!