YEEEE! Final Round Coming up!

Wow ok, so apparently I have to be #1 in my group by Thursday night in order to advance to the finals.

I have held my spot at #2 solidly and bounced in and out of the top slot.

I need everyone’s help to do this.

Please vote daily! It’s free ❤ And very appreciated! 🙂

The magic link! —> Sarah

VOTE For ME. Is Sarah Fab Over 40?

Sarah Elrod | FabOver40 ( <— “the link” Click it 😛 LOL

40 Doesn’t mean old anymore.
Heck I am 46!
I have pink hair, a hot ass husband, and attitude for days.

Check out my profile and if you think I am indeed Fab over 40 Vote me in!
I’d love to do the magazine spread and could do some good in this world with the prize money.

Thank you!