Social Media Isn’t About ROI

Let’s set the record straight. You need social media in this day and age to advertise your business. But, I also need to add that it is not about direct ROI (return on income) its about brand recognition and getting your name out there… Social media helps lend credibility to your company as a viable brand. If you expect to get rich over night only doing social media you are in for a rude awakening. 

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – they all help your company via visibility. People often check to see if you are present the same way they look you up on Google for reviews and a presence there. They may even go to Facebook for your address or phone number.

All of it is just a piece of a marketing funnel… and you need the entire funnel, not just one piece and certainly not just a short period of time. The world is flooded with businesses just like yours. The idea behind social media is to help yours stand out and express its individuality and confirm why people should trust and go with you when buying or using a service. 

The main complaint we hear from clients is “But we aren’t getting sales directly off of our social media. Maybe we should just stop.” While you are more than welcome to of course, it is a bad idea. Continued presence makes an impression of success. Likes, though fairly meaningless, make the impression that other people like the page and they should too. Success breeds success.

Mixing Social Media, Fresh Original Content on your web site and SEO (search engine optimization) along with some paid marketing efforts is the mix to go for.

Create fresh original content by way of regular well key worded blogs, spicing up on page content to keep the crawlers crawling, and doing great on page SEO targeting the audience you are looking to capture is key. Add to that directed marketing efforts like direct paper mailings and online AdWords ads which push people to your site where your message and products reside – now that is where your ROI comes in. That is where the right combination = money in your bank account.

We all want instant results. While paid ads can deliver that, it is the organic natural formation of SEO strategies that last over time. Blogs get shared, links built, your name pops up more and more. You move up in the ranks of Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.
When the payment on pay per click ads stop – so do the ads and so does the traffic. With organic SEO, even if you stopped all efforts today… results would stay and possibly still keep building over time.

If you want your business to succeed online you have to give it time, effort, consistency, and yes invest some money into it as well. Very few businesses operate solely online. If you operate a service business and expect to sit back and just watch the customers roll in with no effort on your part other than hiring a marketer, you are in for a short rough ride. Nothing beats great word of mouth advertising. Great products, service, and overall attitude of the company will make a company while the opposite surely also holds true.

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Get Balanced By Getting Back To Nature

Society, in general, is spending less and less time outdoors. We are surrounded by technology and spend hour upon hour staring at the screens on our devices. It is important for our wellbeing to pull ourselves from that hyper focused state and take the time to set them aside, stand up, stretch and go outside.

Spending time in nature has numerous benefits including:

Improved health

Spending time in nature can help your body heal itself. Spending time outside can help you to reconnect, mind – body, and soul. Fresh air, increased movement, feelings of relaxation all can encourage healing from illness and disease starting within rather than reaching for medication. This can help your body recalibrate and attune naturally.

Relieve Stress

Activities as simple as taking a walk in the woods are shown to lower cortisol levels (the stress hormone). Spending time in nature also helps to boost your immune function and responses as well as reduce blood pressure.

Give your creativity a boost

Sometimes you just need to step away from a problem or project in order to really gain some perspective. Get out of the office and stop thinking about work for a while. Doing other activities, even if just for a quick reprieve can help replenish creativity. Go for a walk or sit under a tree for lunch.

Improved interpersonal relationships

Once you stop staring at your smartphone and actually make the effort to reconnect with your friends, family and even coworkers you would be surprised at the increased connection. We spend so much time sending emails, texts, and messages, stepping back and having a good old fashioned eye to eye conversation can do you a world of good by reducing stress as well as eye strain.

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