The Undeniable Link Between 😷 Health and Money 💵

There are 2️⃣ medical systems in America:

One that is available to the general public… And a second that is only available to those with enough money to access it. 😢


Did you know you can go through chemo—without losing your hair? Without the usual side-effects? BUT:

Insurance most likely will not cover it.

And that’s just one example… the list of treatments only available to those with the cash to pay for them grows by the day.

That’s not only true for emergency medical care—but for preventive measures as well…

🐄 Grass-fed butter, beef, collagen, whey… Pasture-raised eggs 🍳 and 🐔 chicken… Non-GMO, organic local produce…

Chiropractic care, dieticians, massage therapy… Infrared saunas, whole-house water filters, chemical-free cleaning products… 🥛

Quality supplements… Co-pays…

And everything in between…

They all cost money.

Those who can afford them experience better health and less stress. 🤗

You deserve access to all of them… YET:

⚠️ Modern education is NOT designed to teach you how to get rich… quite the opposite—it’s designed to keep your hard-earned money flowing out to others as fast as you can get it.

⚠️ Without understanding the truth about how the world of money works… nothing will change…

⚠️ And the best health will be off-limits to you and your family.

⚠️ There’s only ONE realistic way to deal with the root cause of the problem.

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Chiropractors and Alternative Doctors – The Superheroes of Health

Having been raised from birth visiting alternative doctors and healers to boost and maintain my health I can honestly say I cannot imagine what state I would be in if it were not for them.

In the United States, the accepted norm is to visit your primary care medical doctor and when something is wrong outside of their scope of treatment, to be referred to a specialist. It is not unusual to wait very long periods past your appointment time sitting in waiting rooms for a five-minute visit where very little is actually analyzed yet prescription medications are often given. Side effects are accepted and even expected and root causes are not the main concern, working to cover symptoms are.

In Western medicine, the agenda is to treat the symptom, not the cause. This seems so incredibly backward to me.

Of course when you are ill what you want most is to feel better (symptom relief) but don’t you also want to address the root cause so you don’t end up feeling this way again once you stop taking whatever medication is causing the symptoms to subside?

Alternative medicine – Treat the cause not the effect.

When visiting alternative medicine doctors there is a huge difference. Far more of an in-depth background is taken and considered. Time is actually spent talking with and listening to you. They work with you to help figure out what it is in your life, diet, environment, or genetics that could be causing your current health issues. They then, depending on modality, will work with you to correct the imbalance, whatever it may be.

The times in my life where I have consulted medical doctors, I have almost always inevitably regretted it. Side effects from medications were worse than the initial illness, misdiagnosis’s that could have killed me, the total dismissal that anything was wrong at all… yet in all of these cases, they were more than happy to continue billing me anyway. Large bills for zero results or answers. That is our medical system.

Your best health comes from working with your body, not against it. Finding a practitioner who is knowledgeable, skilled and willing to listen and help you intemperate the signs your body is giving you is the key to lasting whole health.

My personal recommendation is to find a great Chiropractor, a masterful Massage Therapist, and a practiced Nutritional Response Therapist. That combination has been what has saved me time and time again.