Tell Congress To Protect Access to Homeopathic Medicine

Now is our chance to introduce legislation to protect access to homeopathic medicines! We need your help to reach our deadline of 50,000 comments to Congress by tomorrow! 

There is a new appropriations bill being introduced to Congress.

We need YOU to help us ask congress to include language that protects homeopathic medicines! 

There is a new appropriations bill being introduced into Congress. We need YOU to help us ask your legislators to include language that will help protects homeopathic medicines! While this bill language would only have an effect for one year, it’s an important step in our overall strategy to protect your access to the full range of homeopathic medicines. 

If you’re just reading this for the first time, here’s why we need that language introduced: The FDA’s current policy (known as the “guidance”) states that homeopathic medicines may be pulled off the market at any time for any reason or no reason at all.

They would be considered “unapproved new drugs,” even though we’ve safely used them for years! They’ve done this before – They would do it again!
Tell Congress To Protect Homeopathy!
Our Goal is to get 50K comments by March 24th!
The proposed language in the Appropriations bill would prevent the FDA from arbitrarily withdrawing safe homeopathic medicines. 

The FDA will have to have a real reason such as contamination, mislabeling or improper manufacturing if it wants to take action against a product labeled as homeopathic. 

As you already know, we strongly disagree with the FDA’s designation of homeopathic medicines as “unapproved new drugs” subject to withdrawal at any time. We believe this designation contravenes the law. 

The proposed Appropriations bill language, if enacted, will prevent the FDA from using the “unapproved new drug” excuse as the sole reason to remove medicines from the market.

In solidarity for homeopathy,- Paola Brown, President
Americans for Homeopathy Choice  

P.S. Please forward this message to anyone you can think of who cares about continued access to homeopathic medicines.

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  1. Shoshana Smith says:

    I want to share with you how wonderful it is that we have homeopathic medicines which adress the source of our illnesses and discomforts in life and help us recover and go on to lead pill free lives.
    A few years ago my thyroid level was very low. My neteropathic docor recommended taking certain herbal drops daily for a month or more and avoiding cabbage. My thyroid levels returned to normal and have been healthy and well since. No pills to replace the thyroid’s functioning were needed.
    Many of the ailments people suffer from can be set back in balance with the help of homeopathic medicines. This can save people from having to take pills for the rest of their lives or from having to experience painful surgery.
    Please protect access to homeopathic medicines. It helps people live healthier and more independent lives.

  2. Sarah Barendse says:

    Thank you for sharing that!

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