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🏠 With everyone stuck at home during statewide lockdowns we are all using our computers, phones, and tablets more than ever before. They have become our link to the outside world.

🏪 So many businesses are shut down temporarily that its hard to know who is and isn’t open.

📲This is where keeping your online presence alive can pay off big time! 💵 When people see your business not only still listed as OPEN and ready for business but see you active and engaged it gives hope and an inviting impression that makes them want to spend their money with you. 💳

💻 The more convenient you can make it for them the more likely you are right now to earn them as a customer.

Learn HOW! https://www.damonazdesign.com/2020/05/social-media-and-your-online-presence-are-a-stronger-force-than-ever-before/

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As A Business, Why Use Social Media?

If you are a business owner you may look at social media and think “What’s the point?”. That’s a valid question.

Ultimately you want potential customers and clients to find your business. That is the goal. Social media channels are avenues to accomplish that. Be it Facebook, Twitter, G+, Instagram, Google Adwords, SnapChat, or some other new site or app, it’s all a funnel.

Users go online and use a search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, or something else to key in search terms for what they are looking for. That search engine then reaches out to its crawlers which scour the internet for relevant matching key terms and feeds back the answers of the top found businesses and websites in order by page.

That is why you will notice if you look for yourself you may be on page 1 of Google (congratulation if that is the case) or you may have to dig 20 pages in if you are a new start-up business (at least online). It takes time to move up in the ranks and gains are not permanent. Think of it as running in a marathon. You and other runners are competing for the same spots in the head of the pack. It’s not a short race. You may pull ahead for a bit only to be passed by another athlete for a time.

Organic vs. Paid Advertising

Organic traffic refers to gains that are made organically/naturally. On page (on your website) SEO (search engine optimization), Regularly posted blogs done in SEO format, relevant content, updated on a continual basis, and an easy to navigate user-friendly site where customers can easily find you, contact you, and buy from you or procure your services.

With organic SEO your results tend to stick, even if you bounce around a little in the rankings.

Paid Advertising such as Google Adwords or buying ad space on another site can be a hit – it can drive traffic and business immediately, it is however costly, and the results and listings are gone the moment you stop paying to place the ads.

Social media can fall into the same two categories because they offer boosting of ads. Consistency is key just as it is with your site. Posting relevant information often lets users know that you are #1 still in business, #2 active in the community, #3 are interested in having them hear from you. Many people use Facebook and Twitter the same way they do Google, to check information on a business. A good solid personalized page can mean more business.

Non boosted ads still reach a good number of visitors, and the boosted paid ads allow you to target directly the area, age group, sex, and interests you believe your customers fall in to. It’s a great way to market directly with minimal effort.

Interested in working with us to achieve the best social media and SEO results possible? Sarah Barendse Creative works in conjunction with Damonaz Design. We would love to chat with you and do a custom quote. Great pricing and amazing results with personalized service. www.damonazdesign.comdz@damonazdesign.com.


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Social Media Isn’t About ROI

Let’s set the record straight. You need social media in this day and age to advertise your business. But, I also need to add that it is not about direct ROI (return on income) its about brand recognition and getting your name out there… Social media helps lend credibility to your company as a viable brand. If you expect to get rich over night only doing social media you are in for a rude awakening. 

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – they all help your company via visibility. People often check to see if you are present the same way they look you up on Google for reviews and a presence there. They may even go to Facebook for your address or phone number.

All of it is just a piece of a marketing funnel… and you need the entire funnel, not just one piece and certainly not just a short period of time. The world is flooded with businesses just like yours. The idea behind social media is to help yours stand out and express its individuality and confirm why people should trust and go with you when buying or using a service. 

The main complaint we hear from clients is “But we aren’t getting sales directly off of our social media. Maybe we should just stop.” While you are more than welcome to of course, it is a bad idea. Continued presence makes an impression of success. Likes, though fairly meaningless, make the impression that other people like the page and they should too. Success breeds success.

Mixing Social Media, Fresh Original Content on your web site and SEO (search engine optimization) along with some paid marketing efforts is the mix to go for.

Create fresh original content by way of regular well key worded blogs, spicing up on page content to keep the crawlers crawling, and doing great on page SEO targeting the audience you are looking to capture is key. Add to that directed marketing efforts like direct paper mailings and online AdWords ads which push people to your site where your message and products reside – now that is where your ROI comes in. That is where the right combination = money in your bank account.

We all want instant results. While paid ads can deliver that, it is the organic natural formation of SEO strategies that last over time. Blogs get shared, links built, your name pops up more and more. You move up in the ranks of Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.
When the payment on pay per click ads stop – so do the ads and so does the traffic. With organic SEO, even if you stopped all efforts today… results would stay and possibly still keep building over time.

If you want your business to succeed online you have to give it time, effort, consistency, and yes invest some money into it as well. Very few businesses operate solely online. If you operate a service business and expect to sit back and just watch the customers roll in with no effort on your part other than hiring a marketer, you are in for a short rough ride. Nothing beats great word of mouth advertising. Great products, service, and overall attitude of the company will make a company while the opposite surely also holds true.

Interested in learning more about how you can grow your business online? Talk with us here at Sarah Barendse Creative www.sarahbarendse.com or Visit our sister site www.damonazdesign.com 239-244-8350. DZ@damonazdesign.com 

Page Ranking Explained

These days ranking is a hot buzzword. Everyone wants and needs their web page to rank. But what does that mean?


Larry Page, one of the founders for Google, came up with “Page” (after his last name) rank as a way of measuring and comparing the importance of websites. It is determined by counting the quality links and a number of other factors attached to your website. Google is always updating the algorithms they use so the winning formula does not remain static.


Working to get and keep your site ranking high on Google and other search engines, like Yahoo or Bing takes time and constant effort. There is no set it and forget it option. Your site without regular manipulation and addition of content will get left in the dust.


Tips for ranking


#1 There is no substitute for great original content. Though others may borrow your posts or blogs and give a link back, you remain – as the content creator with the greatest power off of that. The link back to your site with the copy does add a little link juice credibility as well, so make sure to thank those who give your site a shout out, so to speak.


#2 Update regularly. Old stale posts, pages, unchanged data will slowly sink in the rankings.


#3 Metadata – make sure to fill in your metadata (title, description and keyword) – the crawlers need that to be able to tell what your page, site and articles are about and list them as such in search finds.


#4 Create content and a site that is link worthy. Be an industry leader with your content be it graphic or written.


#5 Use Alt Tags (there is a space on every picture posted for Alt text or Alternate Text describing the image). This can give your page an extra little boost and make it easier for people to find your information when searched.


Your website will only benefit you if people – your potential clients – can find you.

We realize great SEO takes time and effort. If you are running a small to medium business it may be out of the realm of reality right now to hire a full time in house Web Presence Professional. That is where the creative team at Damonaz Design comes in. We work with you based on your individualized needs to get your business more visibility and recognition online.

We would love to hear from you. SarahBarendse.com is now working in conjunction with www.damonazdesign.com 239-244-8350. From website creation, to Social Media Management, Blog Writing Services, SEO and more – we can help your business succeed online!

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So you want to be #1 on Google

While we, and every other SEO company out there, would love to look you right in the eye and promise you a spot on page one of Google under whatever keyword you would like to be found by… that just isn’t realistic.

There are 10 slots on page 1 + 3 map spots available when you search.

Getting ranked isn’t simply a matter of want or desire or even deserve, and you can’t buy your way there. Google metrics and algorithms come into play. There are over 200 ranking factors on just Google alone, not to mention other search engines such as Yahoo or Bing.

For a full list of ranking factors click here http://backlinko.com/google-ranking-factors

When these factors are all taken into account and used to optimize and market your business correctly, over time having a professional company who understands SEO marketing work with you to boost your site will move your rankings upwards on the Google ladder. It takes time and effort.

There are no shortcuts.

Any company that promises you a certain ranking you would do well to be leery of and possibly do some more research before diving in. Rankings fluctuate daily and there are no guarantees.

Gains over time

Great content, steady continual posts, improving your visibility, and doing the right steps on the back end SEO are how you boost your site. The internet is very much a tortoise and the hair kind of race. Slow and steady. There are tricks and cheats, but they are considered “black hat” SEO. It may boost your rank temporarily but is sure to drop it like a hot potato at some point when you are caught.

Online presence maintenance takes time. If your company is large enough to support an in-house writer/designer/social media tech, fantastic. You are likely doing well. Many mid to smaller sized companies simply do not have the budget for this. That is where Damonaz Designs shines. We offer online presence support in the form of Social Media Management, SEO, Content Management, Ghost Blog writing services, Email blasts, Newsletters and more.

If you are having trouble finding the time, let us help and get it all done the right way!

Talk with us: www.damonazdesign.com 239-244-8350

Originally Published: http://www.damonazdesign.com/2017/05/so-you-want-to-be-on-page-1-of-google/ Sarah Barendse Design works in conjunction with Damonaz Design, LLC.

Handling Bad Publicity in Your Online Presence

No matter how great of a job your company does, there will always be someone who has it out for you. With the ease and swiftness of communication on the internet based social environment, claims and rumors can spread like wildfire.  Knowing the proper steps to take can be vital to protect your reputation.

“All press is good press!” – Hollywood has claimed for decades. Is this the truth? Yes and No. A little controversy can actually spark interest that mundane things like press releases or newspaper articles just can’t.

You may ask “But can’t that information harm your business reputation?”

Depends on the point of view of the readership entirely. Honestly, it is anyone’s guess as to how flaming reviews and outlandish claims are taken. Often times even if claims start from a good honest place, ego-driven need for self-perceived vindication can take over and exaggeration comes into play. It is best to take the ultra negative with a grain of salt when reading.

Facing up to the situation honestly is often the best advice.

-If you were in the wrong, do your best to correct it.

-If you are being incorrectly accused and persecuted, state your side as clearly and simply as possible in a retort and just leave it at that. Arguments are not productive or necessary.

Interestingly: Research shows that customers who are happy with the way their complaint was handled are more likely to give word-of-mouth recommendations.

Preventing bad press in the first place is ideal. Live up to your word and fulfill contracts. Meet deadlines, and exceed expectations. Doing business in an honorable way is sure to keep your clients happy and coming back time and time again, spreading the word while doing so.

Here at Damonaz Design we take pride in our work and value our clients. If you are looking for the best and most personalized service in the SW Florida area in the fields of Website Design, SEO and Marketing, Social Media Management, Content Creation, Online Presence Management, Graphic Design, Blog Writing and much more, visit www.damonazdesign.com

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What IS Social Media Management

Social Media ManagementSocial Media Management and Marketing is a relatively new field. Social media encompasses any and all online sites that are focused on virtual networking and interpersonal communication. They can be aimed at business marketing or simply socializing, though often the two areas overlap and intermix.

Social media management is always customized to the individual. It can encompass everything from start to finish, setting up the page or pages, creating graphic banners or wallpapers, creation of individual graphics (sometimes referred to as meme’s) for specific ad campaigns or individual posts, as well as copywriting and coming up with the best wording to use.

The client often has a business to run and social media marketing management is more cost effective to outsource to someone rather than try and add yet another role to their already busy schedule. They can choose how many posts per week or month they would like, and simply sit back and let Damonaz Designs designers and writers do the work for them.

The more LIKES and traffic a page gets, the more wide-spread the name, brand and message. Having a clear brand and image across all platforms is important for recognition. Within our service, we cross promote on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and whichever others you may select.

Why is any of this important?

Phone books have gone the way of the dodo bird. people are glued to their mobile devices as a means of gathering information. Sites like Twitter and Facebook have become a go to when looking up a business. Their Facebook profile page is a direct reflection of their business and often the first impression. What does yours say about you? Do you have one set up yet?

If your social media is lacking or worse yet, still non-existant let us help! Chat with us and see what we can offer. http://www.damonazdesign.com 239-244-8350

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