Handling Bad Publicity in Your Online Presence

No matter how great of a job your company does, there will always be someone who has it out for you. With the ease and swiftness of communication on the internet based social environment, claims and rumors can spread like wildfire.  Knowing the proper steps to take can be vital to protect your reputation.

“All press is good press!” – Hollywood has claimed for decades. Is this the truth? Yes and No. A little controversy can actually spark interest that mundane things like press releases or newspaper articles just can’t.

You may ask “But can’t that information harm your business reputation?”

Depends on the point of view of the readership entirely. Honestly, it is anyone’s guess as to how flaming reviews and outlandish claims are taken. Often times even if claims start from a good honest place, ego-driven need for self-perceived vindication can take over and exaggeration comes into play. It is best to take the ultra negative with a grain of salt when reading.

Facing up to the situation honestly is often the best advice.

-If you were in the wrong, do your best to correct it.

-If you are being incorrectly accused and persecuted, state your side as clearly and simply as possible in a retort and just leave it at that. Arguments are not productive or necessary.

Interestingly: Research shows that customers who are happy with the way their complaint was handled are more likely to give word-of-mouth recommendations.

Preventing bad press in the first place is ideal. Live up to your word and fulfill contracts. Meet deadlines, and exceed expectations. Doing business in an honorable way is sure to keep your clients happy and coming back time and time again, spreading the word while doing so.

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