Abundance | Vs. | Lack – A Warning

Universally, there is no such thing as lack. There is enough of everything for everyone. Your feelings and beliefs create your own personal reality.

The Rite of Divine Purpose

Ready to uncover your divine purpose and why you decided to incarnate here on earth at this time? Press play.

The Way Out

unwilling to go through……………………… you will never get out.

The Past…

There is not one person on this planet who has not suffered and though some are more extreme than others, pain isn’t up for comparison. We all experience pain differently.

Pain is pain.

They Can’t Ignore Us Anymore

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Self-Sabotage ~ The Solution You Weren’t Expecting

Guest Author: inlpcenter.org Self-sabotage should be the last thing anyone does, but it’s the most likely! You’re invited to watch the AHA Process to End Self Sabotage and learn how to stop self-sabotaging behavior. Please enter your email address and see the video instantly. You’ll also get free articles and tutorials with the iNLP Center newsletter. This is…

Letting go of toxic people

Releasing people from your life who are not good for you is a vital piece in being a well balanced happy emotionally healthy person. It is, however, not easy on any level a lot of the time. How do you determine if someone is toxic to your life? Toxic people create chaos in other people’s…

The Art of Non-Attachment

We all want the very best for friends and family. Many of us have a tendency to take on other people’s problems as if they were our own. We do it out of love, but ironically it can often lead to codependency in relationships as well as self-neglect. I speak from experience in this. My…