This is War. Facebook Must Be Taken Down!

I have been in the social media game professionally for years now. My facebook page Sarah Barendse Creative | Facebook has never once been flagged or dinged at all. I keep my personal opinions off of there.

Yet suddenly, mine and many others, are being blocked from boosting or creating ads hindering our income potential. Regular non boosted posts are now showing as “custom” though we are posting “public” which means Facebook monitors are killing our reach on purpose. Why?

Because I am a conservative.
Not that my business page ever once expressed a single opinion.

Yet still they feel the need to punish myself and others.

I have been a solid content creator since 2008 and have helped build FB to the monster it has become. For that? I am sincerely sorry. Mark Zuckerburg we are now seeing hard evidence that it was you who backed the cheating in this election.

350 Million dollars worth of money funneled into the exact cities where cheating was rampant. A mistake? A coincidence? I think not.

I hope you go down in flames Zuckerburg!

I will continue to speak my mind and do my job WELL. You cannot stop me nor anyone else. Karma is a bitch, remember that when it comes for you!

Zuckerberg-Funded Group Comes Into Spotlight in Election…[Paid half Billion$ to cheaters] (

Zuckerberg’s Millions: Did Facebook CEO Fund Election Fraud? (

Zuckerberg Helps Key Swing States Like Michigan Pay for Election Infrastructure – Peninsula Press

Just google it yourself…

FaceBook is Banning Valid Advertisers and Longstanding Pages for No Reason

So! There have been tons of rumors of conservative accounts being blocked and banned on Facebook. You may know people that keep getting tossed in “facebook jail” mostly for no real reason but imagined infractions…

I have been outspoken for my entire life and I knew me being censored was coming but I sure did not expect my professional page to be under attack. I have kept my opinions to myself on that page and only post work related items.

Still for some unstated reason and despite the thousands of dollars I have spent advertising for clients with them since 2009 my account has been restricted and I cannot advertise.

“Unusual activity” – there has been no unusual activity on this account. So I click on hoping to dispute.

After this it sends you to a screen to enter your phone # and says it will send you a code. It does not. No code comes.

So – I am stuck. 11 years of work down the drain for no valid reason. You cannot contact facebook directly and according to the graphic above in 29 days if I do not finish my dispute (which I cannot finish without a code) they will permanently ban me from doing my job.

Thanks Nazi-Book!
Good luck fellow business owners…. They aren’t just making this personal they are trying to ruin people’s income too.

We Support! Censorship will not be tolerated

Recently has been completely banned from entirely. We here at know how that feels all too well. We have been banned blocked from posting and thrown in Facebook jail for time outs endlessly over the years.

Why is this happening?

Because neither Natural News nor Dr. Coldwell bow to the demands of the FDA, Big Pharma, the CDC, or the WHO. We freely post truth and health information in order to help the citizens of the United States as well as the world to circumvent out of control entities that would keep you sick and paying into the system endlessly for the rest of your life.

Our Goal

To keep you well, healthy, and happy! The problem is there is no profit in that. That is the one and only reason for all of this censorship. It isn’t about limiting “Fake” information, it is about being in control of every aspect of your very existence from what you eat to what you supplement with to what you choose (or don’t choose) to inject into your body. Mike Adams, founder of Natural News and Dr. Leonard Coldwell, Author of The Only Answer to Cancer Series, both have made it their life’s work to enable you to obtain the knowledge you need in order to heal yourself.

While so far Dr. Coldwell’s link is currently working via Facebook his wildly popular Facebook Page “The Only Answer to Cancer” has been black listed. That means he is barred from boosting or creating ads even when he is offering up large payment amounts to Facebook. They value control even more than money. More than ever, Champions, he needs your support by liking the page, commenting, and sharing so information continues to spread organically.

Censorship in America and world wide is out of control. We must all ban together in this to fight it and spread information that is desperately needed in any ways that we can.

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Author: Sarah Barendse

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