A Possible Cure for Smell and Taste Distortion Following Covid – Parosmia

I had written one previous article on the subject and promised a follow-up if I found anything that actually worked. Well? I have!

I ran across a post by a gentleman on Facebook who claimed he had taken some Vitamin shots down in Mexico and that it greatly helped reduce his symptoms. As I was getting very depressed trying to find food to eat that didn’t smell like rotted flesh or garbage left out on a hot summer day, I was really up for trying pretty much anything.

He showed the box, which was in Spanish, and said he did a series of 5 shots 48 hours apart and at the end of it, his sense of smell and taste was far better.

I went in search of these shots! Thankfully I found a clinic here in Florida that worked with me and sent me via mail exactly what I needed – the vials of B12 and B-complex. B2 and B6 were what was in the original post that I had discovered along with the B12, but here in the USA apparently B2 and B6 only come in a full complex delivery suspension.

They shipped me 1 vial of B12 10ml and B-Complex 30ml along with the insulin needles needed for the injections, and the alcohol sterilization pads.

Directions: fill 2 needles to the top line one with B12 and one with B-complex making sure to keep everything sterile. Wash your hands, lay out a paper towel, wipe the area to be injected with the alcohol swab and let it dry. These are subcutaneous needles, though both of these can be injected intramuscularly as well. Take the needle and go straight into a fatty area on your lower abdomen (you can do your thigh or back of bicep too). Slowly squeeze the plunger until the needle is empty, and recap and toss safely. The B-complex is a bit stingy, but not bad. The B12 doesn’t feel like anything.

Repeat every 48 hours for 5 total. From here on out I am moving to the recommended dose of 1 each every 10 days as I did test low in B12 to start with before doing this protocol.


I am not 100% better. I am still missing some smells. Perfumes, essential oils, Candles, flowers, I can smell SOME of them. BUT, and the reason I am bothering to write this, and this is huge – FOOD no longer smells rancid, rotting, putrid, or like vomit or trash! I can eat again.

This is being written just after the 5th shot. I am going to continue to do the shots at the normally recommended rate of every 10 days till my vials run out.

I will update this at that point too. So please subscribe or check back.

Additionally, I was told that 1000mg of L-Lysine would also help and I have been doing that congruently with this.

Best of luck to all of us dealing with this…………….. Who knew your sense of smell and taste were so vital to happiness and life? I feel blessed and lucky that it’s coming back.

NOTE: The original prescribed dose was 1cc/each per injection. I did not realize my needles were .5cc (1/2 of that) and i still got miraculous results. While my scents are still coming and going so far as essential oils, candles, lotions and such, I am going to bump up the dose i am doing to the full 1cc. and repeat the 5 shot cycle. I’ll report back!

No one should have to go through this. It’s just horrible.
Love and luck to you all.

Where I sourced my vitamin vials –
The Liquivida Team
1 (844) LIV-2100

You can also ask your doctor to write a script.
In some cases, it may be covered by insurance.
Cost for a 10ml vial of the B12 and a 30ml of the B-complex with shipping and needles came out to $290.00.

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