Back to school time can be chaotic – school shopping, getting mentally prepared to enter a new, more advanced grade level, possibly moving to a new school entirely. Parents readying themselves for their kids to get back in the groove and not be at home during the day time as they are during summer and even getting ready to let go and experience an empty nest as their recent graduates move out onto their own and begin their adventures at college.

Change, although the only constant in life, is stressful.

One of the best ways to support your body during times of stress is with proper nutrition.

When your body is fed all the vitamins and nutrients it needs to run at full steam, it is actually easier to handle change related stressors in your life.

Don’t leave your child’s nutritional needs to chance.

School meals, though state regulated, tend to lack substance. Brown bagging lunch is the best answer. When you control your food – you control your health. It is because of this need that we have put together our new Lunch Box Meal Plan.

What is the Lunch Box Plan?

This is the one stop shop for school lunch at its healthiest. No need to shop, plan, or pack. Just order, pick up and you are good to grab and go all week!

The Lunch Box Plan allows you to select from a long list of proteins, carbs, and veggies. If you like that food, great! Check it off! If not – leave it blank and you will never see it included in your customized meals. This is wonderful if you have food sensitivities or allergies.

A small one meal travel cooler lunch box is perfect for a day at school, keeping their meal fresh and refrigerated. PackIt has come out with freezable bags that work far better than the normal lunch box to keep your food fresh. They come in an assortment of fun colors and designs to keep your kids happy as well.

Great for Elementary, High School and College!

Are you college age and living in a dorm? Chances are you do not have a place to cook. If you are lucky, you may have a mini fridge. Making lunches and budgeting can be a challenge away at school. It is vital to your own wellbeing to keep the healthy lifestyle going even while adjusting to your new found freedom and being out on your own.

Many turn to the cheapest food sources: Raman noodles, coffee, cereal, bread and so on. They may be cheap, but you will likely pay for those choices in other ways. The “freshman 15” is well and alive in today’s newly arriving scholars. It is easy to fall into the trap of late night pizza, beer, and other snacks – gaining 15+ lbs. your first year is not ideal. Nor does it need to happen. Stocking up weekly on grab and go healthy meals from can be your saving grace. Customizable portions and order options let you set not only your goals but fit your budget as well.

This school year – save yourself time, money, aggravation and be guaranteed that your nutrition is on point every single day. We look forward to creating a healthier lifestyle for you, one meal at a time. To learn more about the Lunch Box program as well as all of our other plans we invite you to visit


Is your Jaw Pain TMJ?

TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) is an incredibly painful condition that is situated within the muscles of the jaw and cheekbone. The temporomandibular joint acts like a sliding hinge which is the connection from your skull to the jawbone.

TMJ can be caused by your genetics, trauma to the jaw or even arthritis. Nocturnal tooth grinding and clenching can also play a role, though tooth grinders don’t always develop TMJ.

Common complaints include pain, stiffness, clicking sounds that are audible to others and even having your jaw lock up from time to time. It may even extend to a dull ache around the ear and back of the head. Chewing may cause pain as well. These are all a result of the jaw itself becoming misaligned. Over time if not corrected adhesions can form in the muscle keeping the jaw out of place.

Whiplash from auto accidents can be an initial cause of an onset of TMJ. When ligaments tear or stretch it can pull the jaw out of position. Other injuries involving the facial area can have the same results.

If not treated properly, over time degeneration of the disc between the jaw and the skull can occur, wearing away which leaves only bone on bone to rub together wreaking havoc on the nerves located in that area.

Visiting your Chiropractor for jaw pain can be a tremendous help. They take an overall approach to well-being and help to determine the cause and the resulting best course of action.

Manual adjustments may be used as a treatment for the jaw disorder. Your doctor may press on areas of your skull, jaw and upper spine in order to help relieve irritated inflamed nerves increasing your jaw’s range. The active release technique which is a soft tissue based therapy is likely to be used. This manipulation can help your body break up the adhesions as well as scar tissue on the muscles and ligaments. When combined with regularly scheduled chiropractic treatment it has proven to be a very effective method to obtain healing and pain relief. 

Leading experts at The National Institutes of Health recommend these treatments as the best course of action. Noninvasive treatments should always be tried first, rather than automatically leaning towards aggressive treatments such as surgery and implants, which penetrate the tissues of the face, jaw or joint.

If you have facial pain, jaw pain or grind your teeth in your sleep come in and talk to us at Nutrition Specialists of Florida or give us a call at 239-947-1177.

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Page Ranking Explained

These days ranking is a hot buzzword. Everyone wants and needs their web page to rank. But what does that mean?


Larry Page, one of the founders for Google, came up with “Page” (after his last name) rank as a way of measuring and comparing the importance of websites. It is determined by counting the quality links and a number of other factors attached to your website. Google is always updating the algorithms they use so the winning formula does not remain static.


Working to get and keep your site ranking high on Google and other search engines, like Yahoo or Bing takes time and constant effort. There is no set it and forget it option. Your site without regular manipulation and addition of content will get left in the dust.


Tips for ranking


#1 There is no substitute for great original content. Though others may borrow your posts or blogs and give a link back, you remain – as the content creator with the greatest power off of that. The link back to your site with the copy does add a little link juice credibility as well, so make sure to thank those who give your site a shout out, so to speak.


#2 Update regularly. Old stale posts, pages, unchanged data will slowly sink in the rankings.


#3 Metadata – make sure to fill in your metadata (title, description and keyword) – the crawlers need that to be able to tell what your page, site and articles are about and list them as such in search finds.


#4 Create content and a site that is link worthy. Be an industry leader with your content be it graphic or written.


#5 Use Alt Tags (there is a space on every picture posted for Alt text or Alternate Text describing the image). This can give your page an extra little boost and make it easier for people to find your information when searched.


Your website will only benefit you if people – your potential clients – can find you.

We realize great SEO takes time and effort. If you are running a small to medium business it may be out of the realm of reality right now to hire a full time in house Web Presence Professional. That is where the creative team at Damonaz Design comes in. We work with you based on your individualized needs to get your business more visibility and recognition online.

We would love to hear from you. is now working in conjunction with 239-244-8350. From website creation, to Social Media Management, Blog Writing Services, SEO and more – we can help your business succeed online!

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Are you suffering from a B Complex Deficiency?

When not feeling well very few of us, right off the bat, think “I must be lacking a certain vitamin or nutrient” when often that is the very truth of the matter. Vitamin deficiencies, especially in B Complex, can cause such a wide range of health complaints that your guesses as to what the problem is may be all over the board. It may even seem confusing as to what type of a doctor you would even go to see for help.


Consulting a practitioner who does Nutritional Response Testing is always a safe bet as a solid place to start in order to get some answers and get your health back on track.


Let’s start with some of the basics:


What is B-Complex?

It is a group of several vitamins including Vitamin B1(thiamin), Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), Vitamin B6 (pyridoxal phosphate), Vitamin B7 (Biotin), Vitamin B9 (folate), and Vitamin B12 (cobalamin).


A deficiency in these vitamins can cause a wide range of symptoms.


How would you know if you had a Vitamin B deficiency? What to look out for:


  • Skin issues – dermatitis, dry skin, cracks on the corners of your mouth, and easily bruised skin
  • Fatigue – Muscle weakness, tiredness, lack of coordination, waning muscle mass, even numbness in fingers may occur.
  • Headache
  • Confusion
  • Insomnia
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Anxiety
  • Rage
  • Forgetfulness
  • Unease
  • Depression
  • Mental confusion
  • Fear
  • Hostility
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Lack of appetite
  • If pregnant a lack of B vitamins can even cause neurological birth defects
  • In the elderly, bad vision and red swollen eye lids are a sign
  • A tendency to burst out crying for no real reason at all is a tell-tale symptom of B deficiency.
  • Vegans are especially at high risk for this deficiency



B-Complex is vital for health. Many of these symptoms are being medicated as simply mood disorders in the medical and mental health communities when in reality it is possible for their source to be based in the physical body craving and desperately needing the right targeted supplementation.


Other than taking Vitamin B Complex as a direct supplement what can you do to make sure you are getting enough B vitamins in your diet?


Eating a diet that is rich in B vitamins is easy if you know what you need to include.


B1 – is found in Whole grains, legumes, and beans, spinach, kale, and peanuts, among others.


B2 – Almonds, rice, eggs, milk, yogurt, spinach, soy, and sprouts.


B3 – Milk, eggs, beans, green veg and red meat.


B5 – Eggs, meat, yogurt, beans, and legumes.


B6 – Seeds, rice, salmon, tuna, turkey, and chicken.


B7 – meats, such as chicken and pork, although it can also be found in egg yolks, potatoes, and nuts.


B9 – green leafy veg, asparagus, root vegetables, milk, wheat, beans, and salmon.


B12 – Vitamin B12 most commonly found in fish, pork, beef, dairy, and eggs.


If you are severely Vitamin B deficient you may benefit from supplementation in addition to dietary changes. It is important to talk with your nutritionist to get the very best professional guidance possible. Visit or call 239-947-1177.


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5 Freedoms Gained From Planning Your Meals

Every July 4th like clockwork we here in the United States gather together to celebrate our independence as a country. It is liberating and exhilarating to think how far we have come as a nation.

July 4th can also be used to mark a personal milestone celebration of choosing your own independence by taking the time to recognize the freedoms that you grant to yourself by finally putting your health first.

Preparing a nutritious, well-balanced, macro positive diet for yourself day in and day out takes time, thought, calculation and preparation. Make no mistake, it is an accomplishment, one you should be proud of.

We have become overwhelmingly a grab and go society. Cooking has fallen aside to drive through convenience, and our bodies pay the price.

When you make the choice to meal prep, whether you do it from scratch at home yourself or you choose the convenience of you are claiming your freedom and celebrating your life.

Take a look at the (5) Freedoms You Gain from meal prepping:

#1 Financial Freedom – We all have to eat. That’s just the way we are designed. Our human bodies run on food, it is our fuel. That said, fuel is expensive – especially when prepared and served. The average American who eats out for 3 meals a day will spend anywhere from $16.00 ($480 a month) to $37.00 a day ($1110 a month) and up. Lattes, snacks, breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight snack, that quick trip to the 7-11, it all adds up.

By simply planning ahead and either placing your weekly food order through or making a detailed list and heading to your local Sam’s Club or BJ’s you can cut that bill to a mere fraction of what you would spend eating out all of the time.

#2 Freedom to Do More – ENERGY! One of the biggest benefits of food prep is how much better you feel physically when your body is being properly fueled. We are taught to eat 3 meals a day when in fact you really do far better to eat 5-7 small meals throughout the day every 2-3hours. Think of your metabolism like a fire. Which is easier… toss a few coals on an already burning fire to stoke it? – or – wait till it goes out and try and start it again? Most of us have been doing it all wrong and wondering why we don’t get the results we want.

#3 Freedom to Sleep – We all love to sleep and it eludes some of us. Interrupted sleep patterns as well as insomnia can stem from poor nutrition and deficiencies. When eating properly, they should, over time, correct themselves. This allows a more restful slumber.

#4 Freedom from Disease – Three of the biggest killers in the USA today are Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Obesity. All three have been shown to be controllable if not correctable with a well sculpted and well-managed eating plan. Eating well is the very best insurance you can have.

#5 Freedom of Time – Life is so hectic. Work, school, kids, families, friends, social events, taking the time to shop, cook and meal prep may seem daunting. The thing is, it takes only 1 day out of your week to get everything ready or even easier, just place your order online and swing by and pick everything up from Superfit Foods.

This allows you freedom of time during the rest of the week. Just grab and go, minus the drive through leaving you with more free time to socialize with family and friends and frankly – take some much needed and well-deserved relaxation time.

So this July 4th – Celebrate! If you have found this article it isn’t by accident. You are ready to embark on the journey to health and freedom. Cheers!


Your Meal Prep Company – Super Fit Foods

To place an order or learn more please click here!

An Ancient Technique Used to Relieve Pain is Making a Comeback

If you are like most people, you are most likely not familiar with The Graston Technique. This is the modern adaptation of a much older Chinese method known as Gua sha.

Gua sha when translated means “scraping bruises”.  Before you cringe and click away from this page hear us out…

Gua sha is a traditional Chinese medical treatment where the skin is scraped by a smooth edged instrument often made of stone, ceramic or bone in order to regenerate blood flow to the damaged areas of the body. Oil may or may not be applied to the skin, but it does make the instrument slide more easily.

Gua sha can be done on any area of the body where the patient is experiencing pain. Though mostly you will see no visible results on the skin, only a slight redness which is typical if you rub any area repeatedly. When you do reach an area where there are underlying adhesions and attachments of muscle fibers you can feel a difference. While still not exactly pain, the sensation can become intense as the trapped blood and fibers work themselves free under the pressure of the practitioner’s touch and the instrument itself. This will leave a distinctive tell-tale Gua sha treatment bruise. Bruising from this treatment tend to fade within 24-72 hours.

How is the more modern Graston Technique different from traditional Gua sha?

gaston techniqueOriginally developed for athletes due to the tremendous stress and strain they place their bodies under it was soon realized that it could greatly benefit the general public just as well. It has been steadily making its way more and more mainstream for the past 20 years.

The Graston Technique is a form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) and can improve patient outcomes from a huge array of injuries by increasing range of motion as well as healing time. Tools are now stainless steel rather than older less durable materials. They are used to both assess and treat the patient by a knowledgeable practitioner who is versed in what to look and feel for. Abnormal tissue texture is detected and an area is identified that needs attention such as areas of fibrosis, lesions or damaged tissue.

What are Gua sha and The Graston Technique used for?

They are commonly used for relief from:

  • Back pain

  • Neck pain

  • Shoulder pain

  • Common colds that will not go away

  • Congestion resulting from colds or allergies

  • Fever

  • Cough

  • Muscular pain

  • IT Band injury

  • Tennis Elbow

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Golfers Elbow

  • Achilles Tendonitis

  • Arthritic joints (secondary soft tissue lesions)

  • Breaking up old scar tissue to allow healing of soft tissue injuries

How Long Does It Take to Feel Results?

There is no blanket answer. The longer ago an injury was sustained and more damage the body has taken on, the longer it will take to recover. Treatment results can be seen in as little as one session but can take many more depending on the severity of the condition.

Everyone’s favorite question: Does it hurt?

Everyone’s tolerance for sensation is different. A single treatment itself usually will take 10 to 15 minutes. The majority of people have no trouble at all tolerating the treatment. Others say they enjoy the feeling as they can feel the pained area literally breaking up. If you have an incredibly low pain tolerance, do mention it before you begin your first treatment and make sure to speak up if it becomes too much.

Daily life takes its toll on our bodies. Making sure to do proper maintenance on yourself, including regular chiropractic treatments, can do wonders for your overall health and quality of life. Working The Graston Technique into your health plan can boost your mobility and reduce your pain levels in ways you may have never expected.

Being a competitor in the world of men’s physique this treatment has greatly helped my ability to perform in the gym by expanding my range of motion and getting much-needed blood to muscles that had gotten fatigued and formed adhesions. I am very thankful to have found it!

Interested in learning more? Give Gindele Chiropractic a call 239-936-5545 or visit

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Has your baby seen a chiropractor yet?

The earlier you start chiropractic adjustments the better off you will be for the rest of your life. When babies are born, passing through the birth canal can be a traumatic event for the body. Doctors and nurses can add to it by pulling and pushing in order to get the baby fully into the new world. It is very easy for the spine or other adjoining bones to slip slightly out of alignment.

This brand new little spine – aligned or not – is what that child will have to grow from. Our Spine and the nerves housed in and around it is our lifeline to our brain. It is responsible for every system and organ, every conscious and automatic action. When in alignment it all works perfectly. But putting a kink in the line slows or stops electrical impulse, leading to problems. Sometimes a baby who constantly cries or fusses is not just a fussy baby, they are legitimately uncomfortable due to a misalignment.

Babies can be adjusted as early as the first day of life. Though it is a good idea for all newly arrived children, here are some symptoms you may notice which are signs that they could benefit from an adjustment:

Future dental work can be avoided by your new baby visiting a chiropractor. They can adjust the roof and palate of the mouth allowing teeth their very best shot at coming in straight.

Arching of the back – Babies natural shape is an adaptable flexible body position which allows them to hug tight to their mother. If your baby seems stiff or keeps arching, it may be a sign of pain or tension.

Trouble breastfeeding – If your baby is having trouble latching on comfortably or can only tilt their head to one side an adjustment can help increase the range of motion.

Colic – Though there is no known accepted medical cause, often times an adjustment will help them feel better overall and ease the body’s tension and sooth them to stop crying.

Tilted head – A tilt to their head or rotation indicates restricted neck movement. This can also contribute to flat spots on the head. Seeing a Chiropractor should help unlock a full range of motion.

Constipation / Diarrhea / Sick to the Stomach –  Possible ileocecal valve that needs to be adjusted. If it is stuck open, these are exactly the symptoms it will cause.

If you have a little one in your family, we would love to meet you and get your child on the best path to health throughout their life. Call us today (239) 947-1177 or visit to connect with Dr. Gary Gendron, Nutrition Specialist Bonita Springs | Chiropractor Bonita Springs.

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Why Protein?

Why Protein?

If you have been doing any research at all on the topic of dieting and what to eat to get fit, you have likely heard the word protein over and over ad nauseam. Though health information can sometimes be confusing and advice all over the board, one thing every expert and authority in the industry does seem to agree on is the value of having ample protein in your diet.

You need protein in your diet in order to build muscle and solid cellular structure – along with the other two key component macronutrients of carbohydrates and fats, these three key items in the proper amounts and combinations allow your body to function properly and reach top metabolism performance.

Top 5 Protein Facts Most People Do Not Know

  1. Protein is utilized as a major source of energy.
  2. Protein is used for the creation and regulation of hormones and regular bodily functions (like digestion.)
  3. Protein is used for transportation of certain molecules throughout the body.
  4. Protein forms antibodies that help prevent infection, illness, and disease.
  5. Protein is vital for the repair and maintenance of body tissues like muscles, skin, bones, hair, and nails.

Although protein can be found in meat, dairy, poultry, seafood, eggs, and many plant-based foods, here is a list of some of the best sources:

  • Eggs
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Steak
  • Ground beef
  • Ground turkey
  • Beans
  • Pork
  • Green Vegetables

Many people will supplement their protein intake by drinking shakes. There are a lot of good solid nutritional protein shakes on the market, but they should be used as supplementation only. The majority of your protein should be coming from real whole foods.

How much protein do you need daily?

The rule of thumb is that for every 1 lb. of body weight you should take in 1 gram of protein. So if you are, for example, 150 lbs. you would require 150 grams of protein per day total.

When athletes diet they weigh all of their food. Accuracy is key. As close as we think eyeballing an amount can be it is often surprising just how off we all can be. It may seem small, but over time a little here and a little there can add up to a lot and throw off your hard worked for results.

At Superfit Foods, we prepare each meal with a protein, carb and veggie source. Everything is measured and weighed to get you just the right blend of macronutrients your body needs to kick start the results you are looking for. They are then packaged fresh and made ready for you to pick up at your earliest convenience.

If you are ready to get your protein intake on track – give Superfit Foods a try!



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How to Get the Beach Body Everyone Wants

How to Get the Beach Body Everyone Wants

Summer sneaks up on us every single year and most of us, simply are not ready for it.

With its hot sun and warm breezes, we declare summer the new stepsister of New Year’s Eve. That’ right – It is time for Summer Resolutions! Decide what you want and go for it.

If you are like most people, feeling confident in a bathing suit is a challenge. We are here to make that challenge less daunting and show you how to reach your goals the right way.

Any time you decide you would like to make a change in your life it is incredibly helpful to have a clear idea of not only what you don’t want, but also exactly what you are aiming for. Visualize the perfect healthy version of you that you could be. Once you have that image clearly defined, it’s time to set the goals to get you there.

If you are looking to get the beach body that everyone wants – Look no further.

How to get beach ready:

Goal Step 1: Get Up and Move

Exercise is vital to health overall as well as for leaning down, sustaining, or building up. Body transformation requires motivation and stick-to-itiveness. Muscle doesn’t build overnight nor does fat shed. It takes time, but if you put in the work and just keep at it, it will happen. Working with a personal trainer who can set a workout plan for you and your body type and goals can help get you to your goals.

Goal Step 2: Hydrate

Water is vital for every cell in your body and when you are dieting and working out, even more so. It is recommended to drink a gallon of water per day over the course of the day

Goal Step 3: Get Your Diet Right

Summer is a great time to boost your nutrition. Hotter weather is a natural match for lighter meals. Fresh vegetables, lean meats, and wonderful side dishes along with refreshing beverages can satisfy your body while building and sustaining it; getting you lean and beach ready.

It may seem counter-intuitive thanks to our yo-yo diet culture here in America, but one of the biggest obstacles to obtaining and maintaining a proper weight is that we simply do not eat often enough. The standard 3 meals a day can actually cause your metabolism to slow down, especially if you are eating the wrong things. Eating the proper mix of protein and carbohydrates along with fruits and vegetables in the right portions 4-5 times a day will boost your metabolism and never leave you feeling hungry.

You do not have to starve yourself to lose or maintain weight.

No matter what your objective is, Superfit Foods is happy to help. We take the work out of eating healthy – trying to calculate your macros and decide what to eat and when, shopping, lugging groceries home, cooking, weighing out food – all of it takes up a great deal of time!

Why do it when you don’t have to?

Check it out: No matter what your goal, we have you covered.

If your goal is to LEAN DOWN

Lose weight and shed fat.

If your goal is to SUSTAIN

Happy where you are and just looking to keep the momentum going!

If your goal is to BUILD UP

Grow and make gains, the healthy way.

Summer can be a tempting time

We want you to enjoy the barbecues and occasional beer – we just want you to look good while you’re doing it! Make sure to keep these tips handy to help you out this summer:

Summer Dieting Tip 1: If you are headed out to a social event where you know you are going to be tempted, either eat first or bring food with you. You may feel odd about that at first but we guarantee no one has ever held it against someone for sticking to their plan and getting in shape… mostly what you will get in response is the envy at your resolve.

Summer Dieting Tip 2: Cheat Meal. Allow yourself one cheat meal a week. You are human and dieting isn’t a punishment. Reward yourself for sticking to it and believing in yourself enough to achieve your dreams. Just one cheat meal a week can also work in your favor, confusing your body and actually ramping up your metabolism.

Making the decision to get in shape is a healthy choice for both mind and body. When you look good, you feel good!


Thanks for reading our blog. Wishing you a warm, wonderful transformative summer – See you at the beach!

From Your Meal Prep Company, Superfitfoods

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Lean Down to Shed Excess Baby Weight

Let’s face it. As much as we love our newborn bundles of joy, what we don’t love is the excess baby weight that gets left behind. On average it is recommended for expectant mothers to be to gain between 15-40 lbs. depending on the size of their frame.

Now subtract from that the average baby’s weight at the time of birth which is 7.5lbs (though of course, that can vary). At minimum, you are left with 7.5lbs and top end 32.5lbs or more of extra unwanted weight that you are currently carrying around.

The human female body is designed to carry children, to grow in order to support a new life and to contract once that new life is brought forth. That post baby shrink down can be helped along by making sure that the weight loss is done in the healthiest form possible to support the bodily changes and allowing it to adjust back to normal.

Diet and exercise are key to getting back in shape – But so is rest!

Giving birth, though a natural process, is traumatic to the body. Rest and recuperation are needed postpartum. On top of that, you now have a new baby who isn’t regulated by your time clock. You may not get much sleep. Feeling sleep deprived, overwhelmed, and exhausted usually decreases your motivation to hit the gym and plan out a diet.

That is where SuperFit Foods comes in. We can take some of the weight off your shoulders by preparing all of your meals for you so you can focus on your new son or daughter while still getting all of the exact nutrition your body needs to make a full recovery.

How the Lean Down Plan can help

With all of your food fresh cooked and pre-made all you have to go is grab and go!

We make eating simple.
With the Lean Down Plan, you will get a selection of:
– Main meals
– Boost meals
– Breakfast meals
– Health Snacks

These selections are a macro mix of pure lean proteins, carbohydrates, and fresh nutritious vegetables. You don’t have to give up sweets either – Peanut Butter Protein Balls and Crunchy Granola Bars kill the sweet tooth while keeping you on track.

All you have to do is – place your order – everything is made fresh for you, ready to grab and go.

This is the new clean approach to eating right that will free up your time and release those extra pounds the right way. To take the first step towards shedding that excess baby weight, please visit to learn more or place your first order.