Who Is Mooey?

So I am taking part in a course called A Year of Writing to Uncover the Authentic Self by Rachel Astor.

One of the daily writing assignments was “Attempt to write a short essay from a special objects point of view. What is that item’s life story?”

It had to be an object that meant a lot to you. I chose Mooey.

Hi my name is Mooey. I am a little stuffed cow blessed with the job of loving Sarah. Sally (Sarah’s mom) bought me at the Jelly Mill in Manchester, VT and brought me home to their little yellow house in the woods of Arlington. I was placed in a lovely little hand-painted crib where I sat and waited for the Sarah to arrive.

One day Sally and Pierre came home, and they had this cute tiny person with them. I was told that was what a Sarah was and that I was to snuggle with her and love her and take good care of her. I took my job seriously. I kept my little cow eyeballs open all hours of the day to make sure she was feeling safe and loved and never alone.

As my Sarah got older, she didn’t need me as much and it made me very sad. I understood though. Little humans become more independent and other humans will make fun of you if you carry someone like me around all the time. I knew Sarah loved me. But she felt the need to grow up. Sally tucked me away in a trunk in a warm blanket where I would be safe.

Unfortunately, as years went by, I think they forgot about me. Sally eventually died and her stuff (me included) got moved to Sarah’s aunt Nancy’s house where I am pretty sure I was in the basement. It got cold.

Then one day years later I saw light shining in the box. I was amazed. It was my Sarah! Older, but I knew her instantly. She cried “MOOEY!!!! It’s YOU!!” I silently stared back at her thinking “Sarah! It’s you too! I LOVE YOU! Where have you been!” The way she looked at me I knew she loved me still.

She picked me up and hugged me, took me to her new home to live with her, gave me a bath and a ride in the washing machine. I was so excited.

Since then, we have been inseparable once again. I sleep by her bed and keep her safe even now that she is grown up. We have been friends since we were both none years old. That is almost 47 years now.

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