Something for Nothing – The New Business Model? – Lets ask Natural News!

I have been a blogger for for about a year and a half. In that time, I have been publishing articles on my own site as well as my Natural News Blog site

Along with this my articles are also republished on numerous sites all over the internet.

My latest article was rejected because they are now requiring “exclusive” articles.

Well, ok……. Yes I understand exclusivity is a far better deal for Natural News and boosts the SEO’s, but what about the writers who are doing this voluntarily? We are not being paid.

If you would like exclusive – I would suggest hiring those of us you like.

If not – I’m sorry but I have to refuse this request just on principle.

I am here to share health information because it is my calling.

I am not here for Natural News to profit off of while quashing my ability to post as and where I please.

It seems more and more companies seem to be building their business models on the idea of something for nothing…. and we, in our eagerness to get our messages out there, are playing into it….

I will let you all know what they say to this.



Update: It has been a full week since sending in this email to Natural News Blogs…. I still have yet to receive a response. Perhaps if I try and publish this as an article through them?


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