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Cancer isn’t an illness

Cancer is not even an illness, it’s a symptom.

You are toxic and a tumor is your body’s attempt to keep you alive. Many people have so many toxins in their systems that it could kill you, so the body builds a bubble (or encapsulation) in order to keep you safe (a tumor).

This is why needle biopsies, mammograms or other invasive “life saving” diagnostic techniques are dangerous. They can potentially release what your body is trying to keep you safe from. You will often hear after a biopsy or a surgery “Oh it was a fast growing cancer” – (what they wont say is that it spread because of their actions).

Scans such as thermography are far better…. Ladies I know we are reaching the age of being told “You need a mammogram” = Just say NO!

Treat your body well. Keep your Ph in check and do detoxifications.. even if you do already have a diagnosis of cancer….
Chemo is not therapy. It is a poison…. You cannot heal yourself with poison.

Don’t declare war on yourself or on cancer….. work WITH Your body to heal.

(((( steps off soap box now)))) for the full body 21 day BePure Cleanse.

I do it yearly!

*This is not an offer of medical advice but common sense that you aren’t getting in most places these days! Think for yourself and be well!

Is the milk you are drinking damaging your health?

Got Milk?
We are all familiar with the infamous ad campaign featuring adorable kids and celebrities wearing milk mustaches and touting the benefits of milk, but is drinking milk actually healthy for you?

While RAW and Organic milks may offer some benefits, conventional store bought factory farmed leaves a lot to be desired and may actually be damaging your body.

Low fat milk in particular has been promoted as a low calorie drink full of calcium. The USDA actually recommends drinking 3 glasses a day. The problem with that theory is that the calcium in cows milk is barely absorbable by humans and actually depletes calcium supplies in the bones having the opposite of the desired effect and adding to the likelihood of osteoporosis induced fractures in the later years of life.

Amy Lanou Ph.D., nutrition director for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine in Washington, D.C., states that:
“The countries with the highest rates of osteoporosis are the ones where people drink the most milk and have the most calcium in their diets. The connection between calcium consumption and bone health is actually very weak, and the connection between dairy consumption and bone health is almost nonexistent.”
A far better way to keep your bones strong and build bone health is by consuming foods not only rich in calcium but also rich in collagen.

As far as the low fat part of the equation goes yes it is lower in fat. It is not however lower in sugar (lactose) ringing in at around 14g per glass. At the recommended 3 glasses a day you are consuming 42g of sugar just from the milk you are drinking. Your body needs the fat in order to assimilate the Vitamin D. Without it, you are not processing that properly either.

Today’s milk is pasteurized and homogenized. This removes bacteria and viruses but also removes much of the nutrition. This heat processing of the milk can lead to a long list of digestive issues. Added to this milking cows are now often given antibiotics and may also be injected with rBGH (a growth hormone)to increase production. It has been linked to cancer in milk drinkers as well as accelerated growth in children.

Additional effects drinking conventional cows milk may cause:
Lactose intolerance
Elevated risk for cancers
Elevated risk for MS
Increased inflammation
Possible increased cholesterol levels
*Interestingly – Fermented milk products like cheese, sour cream and yogurt do not have the same dangers.

Milk has become a staple food item for many Americans. It is not easy for many to think of giving it up but there are some wonderful replacements on the market today that are far healthier for you. – Rice Milk, Hemp Milk, and Almond Milk – are all good substitutes. (*Steer clear of Soy. Most of the soy crops are GMO and soy boosts estrogen levels abnormally).

Don’t be fooled my slick ad campaigns. Do your own research and next time someone asks “Got milk?” you can smile and say “No”.


Debunking The Milk Myth: Why Milk Is Bad For You And Your Bones

12 Frightening Facts About Milk

Originally Published:

Love of Truth – Born of Lies

Some of you over the years who are close to me may have heard this story. Now that it’s in the past – It is a colorful story….. Wasn’t so fun to go through at the time….. A little insight as to why I am the way I am….

Young, in love and stupid – I got married at 18.

Pete was in the Air Force at the time. Our relationship was tumultuous. It was good or bad and not much in between. A lot of the time there was misunderstanding, half-truths and full on secrets. Much of the time I felt like I was losing my mind because life would make no sense with him.

Growing up in Vermont with parents who were both very open honest people and in a town where values and morals were a basis for life I had never experienced anyone who lied compulsively and therefore took everyone for honest. I was naive to say the least.

The lies started before we were even married. While I was still in Vermont, he was stationed in California. He told me that he was being deployed to Somalia. Being the loving caring girlfriend that I was, I was worried sick. He would call when he could and my heart would jump into my throat when the phone would ring. Then one call, he said he had been shot and was being sent home. I was both sick to my stomach and relived that he was alive and going back to the USA.

When I graduated from High School, I moved to CA to be with him. We were married shortly after. At first things were wonderful, as they usually are in the very beginning of a relationship. Then strange little things began to pop up and life began making less and less sense.

He wasn’t like anyone else I had ever been around. He was evasive, secretive, moody, explosive, non-sensical and sometimes just plain weird. I loved him though and I wanted it to work. I tried to bend and compromise. Things would go through fluctuations – good for a while, then more fighting.

After two years of this in two states (we had moved from CA back to VT after he received a dishonorable discharge from the Air Force which stemmed from an innate inability to tell the truth to his superior officers even when faced head on with the facts). I was ready to leave. I had had enough. His mind games had him hiding bills from me charged on my credit cards without permission, writing checks we didn’t have money for and telling me he had told me things he hadn’t in an effort to make me think I was losing my memory – and I did believe that for a while.

Though we lived in the same house out of financial necessity for the time being, I was more than ready to walk out and call it quits.

Right around this time he became ill. Upon going to the hospital they told him that his stomach issues could be Crones Disease or possibly stomach cancer. Right inline with his nature of solitude he said he did not wish for me to go to the doctor with him. I respected that as we were not getting along very well and I know when I am sick, I really just prefer to be left alone.

The diagnosis, he said, was cancer.  Stomach cancer – and a rare form of it at that.

I felt my world drop right out from under me in that instant. Though I didn’t much like Peter at this time anymore, I of course still loved him. He was my husband.

Fear gripped my heart and I couldn’t breathe. Not just at the thought of him dying but at the thought that I was now stuck. I couldn’t simply walk away and leave him now. Not like this. He wasn’t a strong soul to start with and this, all alone, would be too much for him. I have some blank spots in my memory from this time. It was a lot for a girl of 20 to deal with, the distinct possibility of becoming a widow before I was even allowed to drink legally.

He did not have health insurance at the time, though I did through work. Thankfully he said they were accepting him in to a study. It was an experimental treatment sponsored by Onyx Pharmaceuticals, a prestigious drug company.

I was thankful for this and for the fact that he would be able to get help.

Resigned to this new, really screwed up reality, I backed off on the divorce and decided for the sake of his health to try again to make things work.

He became more and more frail, dropping from a pretty well built 185 or so down to around 130… a shell of what he was – physically as well as emotionally and mentally. He was very hard to deal with. Sick daily, I felt terrible for him. I tried everything I could to make him feel better. Shoving away any of my own needs and life in the process.

After all, how could I ever leave a dying man? What kind of monster does that?

We moved to Florida for three reasons: to be closer to his father, to do the Onyx Pharmaceutical Sponsored treatments and in hopes that the warm weather and sun would make him (and me) feel better. It did for a while. We loved Florida. The problem is, wherever you go – there you are. Our fighting followed us, increasing over time to the point we really didn’t like to be in the same room.

The treatments were horrible and really hard on him. He would describe the tubes inserted down his throat and into his stomach for the chemotherapy and would come home and be incredibly sick for hours on end. It looked excruciating. He never wanted me to go with him or around him right afterwards and I respected that. Being that sick I felt If it was me I likely would not want anyone seeing me that way either. So I gave him his space as much as I could with it.

Living in a new place I wanted to venture out. I needed friends besides Peter. It didn’t take me too long to find them. Pete also had found a girlfriend. I was actually thankful for her… anything to keep him occupied at that point and us apart was good. Her and I got along quite well and as things began to escalate between Peter and I in so far as fighting she ultimately was my savoir.

I tried to invite Pete into my new circle of friends, but he wouldn’t leave the house and wanted nothing to do with them. He wanted me to sit and wallow and waste away with him and I just wouldn’t/couldn’t do it anymore.

I stopped home one day to get something and there he was again, in the bathroom throwing up… which of course the natural reaction is to go in, and help and do what you can to make them feel better.

The negativity emanating from him was palpable… He wasn’t simply physically sick, he was clearly emotionally and mentally ill. Grasping at me like a life raft. Something inside of me just snapped.

I stood there looking at this man. A man I once loved with all of my heart and thought I would spend the rest of my life with. That man was not there anymore. I’m not sure that man was ever real to begin with. In his place was a sad, weak, tortured soul who was sucking the very life out of me. It was like I was seeing through the layers to the pure simple truth of what was.

The only words I could manage to squeeze out of my lips were

“I love you Pete………and I’m so sorry…. I can’t stay any longer”.

We stared at one another for what seemed an eternity in silence. He looked at me like I had just stuck a sword through his heart.

I was about to do the one thing I swore I never would. Leave a dying man. I felt horrible. I knew though that if I choose to stay it wasn’t going to be just him experiencing a death. I was dying inside watching on the sidelines, helpless in all of this.

I had no idea when the words popped out of my mouth where I thought I was going. I just knew that I couldn’t stay. Having moved very recently I didn’t know hardly anyone. Lisa, his girlfriend, let me stay with her till I could afford my own apartment. I will forever be grateful to her for that.

When I left, he became suicidal. He had gone through with an attempt once before a year or so prior, so I knew he likely wasn’t just trying to get attention. I also knew that despite my natural urge to want to help, this time it couldn’t come from me.

Lisa tried to go over to the apartment to talk to him, but he had a loaded gun and with his mental state she didn’t feel safe in staying with him. In trying to decide what to do we didn’t want to call the police because that frankly would not help anything. We decided to try and call his doctor.

This is when the real fun began.

I called the hospital where he had been going for treatment and asked to speak with his doctor. I got bounced around from station to station only to be finally told that there was no doctor by that name that worked with their hospital. I was totally confused. I was sure there was some kind of mistake as he had been going now for well over a year. The only other thing I could think to do was call Onyx Pharmaceuticals directly and see if they could help me work out who I needed to talk to.

So in looking up the number for Onyx Pharmaceuticals I called and spoke with someone there. They had of course heard of and knew his doctor. I breathed a sigh of relief that finally something was making sense.

That feeling was fleeting.

The next words out of the receptionist’s mouth changed everything. 

She said “I am sorry, but that doctor is a PhD in our research department not an M.D…. he doesn’t treat patients directly and he is not located in Florida.”……….

My whole body went numb and I swear the room began to spin.

“Can you please look up my husband’s name?” I asked, “He has been participating in your study.”

She agreed and I held my breath as she clicked away on the keyboard.

“No, I’m sorry. He is not on our list of patients”.


And there I had it.
There was no doctor.
There was no study.
There were no treatments.
There was no cancer.


2 Years of my life had been a completely fabricated lie.


He may not have been dying of cancer, but at that point I was ready to kill him myself. It is the single most hurt and most angry I have ever been at another human being in my entire life. I had ignored my feelings and my intuition for far to long, pushing down how I felt in favor of helping him…..
Reaching my boiling point and finally listening to my own higher self and following my intuition, finally – it had lead me to the painful truth.


He had lied to keep me with him.


I had spent 2 years of my life going against everything I felt in my heart in order to try and save him- both physically and emotionally.


The problem is – you cannot save anyone, especially from themselves.


The days, months and years after that came and went. Life changed for the better for the both of us. He was now forced to live in truth and make amends to everyone he had hurt with his lies.

The count was numerous – friends, family, even his father who had watched his mother wither away and die of cancer. To me that was the most unforgivable of all. To make his dad, a kind hearted loving man, who lost the love of his life to cancer believe that his son was now suffering the same fate. Cruel.


Karma stepped in years later. Peter ended up being the sole care provider for his dad, whom he loved, as he also died of cancer.


Peter and I, over time, made amends and were able to bridge a friendship based on the fact that he was getting help and making progress on his mental illness, which had now been diagnosed as Borderline Personality Disorder.

People were always shocked that I was able to speak to him, let alone be friends after what had happened. I believe in forgiveness. I did my best to forgive him for what he had done.


That was until recent years. Over the years  (our relationship and friendship had spanned over 20) every time he needed me as a friend I was there. Every time. Even loaning him multiple thousands of dollars when his father died as the will was stuck in probate. The one and only time I ever asked him for anything, he put off answering me for 6 days, despite being able to see his check in statuses online – going out to dinner with friends and such, until I finally just lost it and wrote him a email telling him what a bad friend he was being. His reaction was to delete and block me and stop talking to me entirely. Over one well deserved email… an email……………. After what he put me though.

I was furious and I have not spoken to him since.

In a very interesting turn of events his new girlfriend contacted me on Facebook asking me what had happened for Peter and I to break up.

Such a huge question…….. I asked was she really sure that she wanted to hear the whole story? She said she needed to.


She was dumbfounded. Not because it was outlandish, but because she now knew she wasn’t going crazy. His behavior patterns with me were duplicating themselves again with her. She was appalled at the cancer story.


Not three days later I get a message from her “You will not believe this…”
I responded back only to find out that after hearing what happened with us she sat him down and was trying to confront him on some of his bullshit, and what did he say?

You guessed it.
Once again…. He was diagnosed and dying of cancer….

Only THIS time, the reaction wasn’t “Oh poor Pete!”

It was “I talked to Sarah……………………………………”

I’m quite sure when she uttered those words he likely just about shit himself.


When she told me this I felt all the old buried rage and emotion I thought I had forgiven come bubbling back to the surface.

HOW could he think he was going to pull that crap again?!

I sat down and as calmly and focused as I could, wrote him a letter….


Dear Pete,

So… Where shall I begin?

I hear you are dying of fake cancer once again.

I’m so sorry, I know those fake treatments are a bitch to take.

So as you know by now, your girlfriend was lucky enough to talk to me before you tried to pull your bullshit scam once again.

Talk about timing… God is real Peter.

Not he nor I will allow you to do this to another group of people again.

You can call me “lying bitch” as you had so eloquently called me if you like, I prefer the term Karmic helper myself.

I cannot believe I was so stupid to believe you had changed.

To forgive you after what you did to me.

You are still on same circling karmic wheel unable to face yourself and jump off.

Truth, for whatever reason, scares the shit out of you.

For someone who has aligned himself so closely with a church to be living such a lie, I cannot even imagine how out of synch you must feel on a daily basis.

You are being a gigantic hypocrite and a coward.

Standing is the light MEANS speaking your truth, however painful.

NOT covering and lying to protect status quo that isn’t even anything more than illusion in the first place.

Will you ever dare to be yourself?

Under all of this layered bullshit I KNOW there IS a good man in there, but that really makes no difference because that guy? Isn’t seeing the light of day.

YOU wont allow him to.

You have two little kids who NEED a father they can look up to.

Not some enigma of a man who tells half-truths and stories hiding in the shadows because life is too tough.

I went on pure instinct when I stopped talking to you.

Year after year I helped you whenever you needed it for what, 20+ years?

The one and only time I ever have asked you for anything – you couldn’t even call me back………for 6 days!

You couldn’t take 5 minutes to pick up a phone and talk to me.

It wasn’t the money Pete. It was the fact that you could not get out of your own way enough to give a shit about the one person who stood by you through everything and despite everything.

You fucked up my world. You wasted years of my life living lie after lie.

I will not watch you do that again to other people.

Don’t doubt me.

Straighten your shit out…. Or expect to see me.




She said when he read it; he closed the laptop, stood up quietly and locked himself in the bedroom for 3 days. So far as I know, he has not pursued telling people that story again.


He did message me once after that looking for someone he trusted to talk to.

My only response was “you have to be kidding me…”

I know that everything happens as it should and for a reason. I learned a lot very young because of this relationship. I was also very deeply wounded because of it and am on some levels, even now all these years later,  still healing.

Trust, lies, love, truth vs. illusion, motivations, secrets, fear, death, life – all wrapped up into one big fucked up ball.


(Oh and to clarify one of the first paragraphs in this story? – Turns out he was never stationed in Somalia and never shot.)


But incase anyone ever wondered why I am such a staunch supporter of speaking and living in your truth…. There you have it.

















Sarah Radio Interview Replay & Health Suggestions

In case you missed the show on Sunday August 17th for the Dr. Leonard Coldlwell Opinion Radio Show, here is the link for the replay.

What I personally did to change by body, heal myself and change my life:

  1. I had started the Body for Life program for weight loss

There is of course more information and the “Challenge” you can enter on the site. *I do not recommend using their shakes. They have artificial sweeteners in them. I would use Intek Nutrition.(which is sweetened with Stevia.)

And Nutracore nutrition’s Amino Active (to replace the Betagen/Phosagen from Body for life)

What you do daily during Body For Life:

Wake up – drink 1 large glass of water.
Before going to work out – 1 Protein Shake and 1 Amino Active.

Post work out – 1 Amino Active.

Breakfast – Equal amounts of protein/carbs

Snack (like 10 am) – piece of fruit

Mid day – Shake

Lunch – Equal amounts protein/carbs/vege or salad (any size)

Later in the day – Snack – veggies or protein

Dinner – Equal amounts protein/carbs/vege or salad (any size)

Evening (IF you are hungry) ½ shake.

What you do:
work out at whatever level you are at for 30 min cardio and 30 min weight bearing exercise. IF you are using weights…. Reps are done starting with the max weight you are comfortable with (complete 10-20 reps) Then go down 5-10 lbs in increments and complete more reps, and repeat at 5-10 lbs less weight. (so it gets easier as you get more tired).

NOW along with this – which is shedding fat (which holds the toxins) and keeping the muscle (amino acids suppress the break down and protein helps build new muscle). *I still ate meat. I had no clue about GMO’s (not sure if that was in the food supply at the time or not), I didn’t do organic (though doing this now I would).
SUNDAY is the free day. do and eat whatever you please! keeps you from feeling like you are restricted.


1. Start a RAW diet – go completely raw for 30 days (or more)

2. Do a full body cellular detoxification BePure is the best one I have found and I have tried a ton.

3.  Skin Brushing

4. Caster Oil Packs

5. Drink as much water as you can. Aim for a gallon a day. *add a pinch of pink salt for minerals.

6. – Kidney/Gallbladder cleanse –

7. – Regular chiropractic care and massage

8. – Periodic water fasts 24-36 hrs.

9. –  I think this was the most important – I saw myself as healthy and well….
I originally published this as a book but it wasn’t getting out fast enough – have her read this 3 part blog CANCER – TAKING YOUR POWER BACK

10. – I also decided to have as much fun as possible and to no longer do anything that didn’t feel right or make me happy. This included relationships, friends, jobs everything. If I didn’t like it – I would quit! Or tell you to take a hike! I was no longer living my life trying to make someone else happy, because in the end you cant MAKE anyone anything – other than yourself of course… So I chose happy. The result of that is that happy IS healthy.
*If I were to do this today: I would also: use essential oils – They are anti tumorigenic by nature:

11. Sandalwood, Lavender, and  Frankincense Essential Oils actually can correct DNA mutations. Oils can be used topically, by inhallation, or internally (in water or capsule so long as the purity is good. I personally will only take Doterra and or Young Livings oils).

12. Do Oil pulling – daily when you wake up.

13. Supplement your diet as needed with vitamins. I get most of mine from Health Center for Better Living.







Aspartame – A Severe Metabolic Poison

What? That can’t be right, you are likely thinking.

It is.

The methanol in aspartame affects the dopamine system of the brain causing addiction. Methanol, or wood alcohol, is classified as a severe metabolic poison.

Aspartame is a dipeptide molecule produced by joining phenylalanine and aspartic acid. Aspartame itself does not occur naturally but is a manufactured substance. When aspartame is consumed, it is completely broken down by the enzymes in the digestive system into the two amino acids and a type of alcohol called methanol.

What that means:

These have high abuse potential and severe psychological and/or physical dependence liability.

Yet the public has been  encouraged to drink it because it has been marketed as a health product.

According to independent doctors and researchers, aspartame can cause a range of symptoms including but not limited to:


Memory Loss

Vision Loss





Worse, it cam mimic symptoms of diseases like MS, Lupus, ADD, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

It can be dangerous to take with medications, has reactive properties when combined with MSG (mono sodium glutamate) which is found in tons of packaged foods, and will induce cravings for carbohydrates which often leads to weight gain.

So much for the myths of diet and or healthy!

 *Best Advice: Never touch a food with aspartame in it again.

*Alternate Advice: If you don’t feel ready to give up diet drinks or foods but are having any of these symptoms try a 60-day aspartame free test and see how much your health improves.



Originally published on Natural News Blogs

BePure 21 Day Cleanse – Heal Your Body from the Inside!

UPDATE JUNE 26, 2017
 as a replacement! Visit


UPDATE : BePure is no longer available thanks to the FDA. One more wonderful and effective product pulled due to big pharma and red tape.

Over the years I have tried all kinds of internal cleanses. Psyllium husks, Herbal Fiber Blend (which claimed to be raspberry flavored, but just tasted like potting soil to me), Colon Blow (that was a rough one), Oxypowder (using the power of oxygen), Candida cleanses, Parasite cleanses, Juice cleanses, water fasts, you name it – I have tried it.

All of them worked to one extent or the other. Then last year I came across the BePure Cleanse by Universal Formulas. It is touted as one of the strongest yet most gentle full body, all organ, and cellular level cleanses on the market. It came highly recommended so I decided to give it a go.


Before I go into my personal experience let me share a little bit about the cleanse with you.

BePure is a one-of-a-kind 21 day cleanse system developed by experienced physicians, herbalists, and supplement formulators. It will holistically detoxify and de-stress the entire body. Bepure vegi-capsules are 100% vegetarian. Formulated from wild-crafted and organic herbs with no harsh ingredients and no caffeine. It is physician approved, safe, easy to use and travel-friendly. 
Bepure is designed to help the body balance acid / alkaline levels in the tissues, stimulate removal of waste from the cells and create a more oxygenated environment. 
Satisfaction guaranteed!

Benefits of this cleanse:
▪ Restore good digestion
▪ Eliminate pain, gas, bloating, & irregularity
▪ Stimulate removal of toxins from cells
▪ Help reduce excess weight
▪ Revitalize organ function
▪ Strengthen the immune response
▪ Balance pH & hormone levels
▪ Increase mental clarity and well-being
▪ Provide high-quality nutritional support

It supplies your body with:
▪ Vitamins
▪ Enzymes
▪ Pro-biotics
▪ Electrolytes
▪ Minerals +Trace Elements
Plus it is caffeine free and vegetarian friendly.

I found BePure super easy to do. They give you a small travel case so you can get your supplements ready for the day and easily take them with you without toting bottles all over the place. They also give you a wallet-sized card to check off and track your progress.

The How:

Daily when you wake up drink a large glass of water with lime. This helps to wake up your organs and start you on the right track to detoxification.

There are supplements for morning, noon and evening. Take each with a big glass of water. Drinking lots of pure clean water is important as you are releasing toxins and want to wash them out of your system.

Currently BePure is also offering with the cleanse at no extra charge the Pre-BePure and Post-BePure formulas. You can either take them during the cleanse (over lapping the 21 days in the beginning and the end) OR you may take them 5 days prior and 5 days post. I did them 5 days before and after making my cleanse really 31 days. My reason for doing this was that when I am focused on a supplement regimen I pay more attention to what I am eating and the longer I eat very well, the more thorough the cleanse. This is personal choice.

What to eat:

Clearly the point of cleansing is to clean you out. You don’t want to be adding toxins back in as you are doing it. Eat as cleanly as you can. If you slip up don’t worry, just get back on track.

Eliminate junk: all packaged, boxed, and frozen foods, such as pizzas, TV dinners, desserts – even those that say “health” and no fat — these are poison! Eliminate jelly, jams (unless natural sweetener is used), peanut butter with sugar of any kind, commercial cookies, and sweet desserts, ice cream, deli meats, and prepared deli dishes (unless you know all the ingredients). Eliminate potato chips, tortilla chips, and pretzels. Eliminate all kinds of processed food and all fried food. Do not drink soft drinks, energy drinks, alcohol, and anything with sugar and caffeine – including mochas and lattes. It is only 21 days – you can do it!

▪ Drink lime juice in temperate water upon waking
▪ Select organic whenever possible
▪ Eat whole, raw vegetables
▪ Juicing of fresh fruits & vegetables
▪ Whole grain cereal, not pre-sweetened
▪ Chicken, turkey, & fish are acceptable animal proteins
▪ Vegetable sources of protein are preferred
▪ Purified and/or distilled water

DIET #1 Eliminate all animal meat and dairy, especially cheeses and ultra pasteurized milk and milk products, all pastas and breads – except for sprouted-grain breads and crackers.
Dominant foods to eat are homemade soups with clear vegetable broth (no creams or milk or meat in broth) that have lightly (still crunchy) cooked vegetables, mushrooms, dark greens (bok choy, spinach, etc); salads like shredded beet, carrot, cabbage, and multi-greens; fresh fruit. Brown rice, beans, oats, and multi-grains are good and free-ranges eggs are fine. Snacks include cashews, almonds, pecans, flax seeds, and oils – Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Sesame Oil, or Grape Seed Oil. Buy as much organic, Non-GMO food that you can find.

Eliminate all beef and pork, ultra-pasteurized milk and cheese, (see foods in Diet #1). In addition to the dominant foods in Diet #1, you may eat broiled or baked fish, chicken, or turkey. If you are craving a burger, have a buffalo or ostrich burger without the bun. Select organic, multi-grains for breads. Brown rice, beans, oats, and multi-grains are fine (no highly processed foods, like instant oatmeal with added sugars/flavors). You may buy organic plain yogurt and sweeten it with your own local, raw honey or real maple syrup. You can mix in your own fruits, blended or shredded, for additional flavor (bananas, pineapple, apples, or berries are good choices).
Super foods: Cacao, hemp protein, Goji berries, and Macha are all great additions to your diet.

My experience:

You can read my daily posts as I did the cleanse on Facebook just scroll down to the very beginning of the page to begin my journey.

What you experience will depend on what you have ingested, come in contact with and what ailments you have had in the past. Often we experience what’s known as a Herxheimer reaction (click to read the article and go more in depth on that).

Essentially when toxins are released you may briefly re-experience the symptom one last time.

The first week of the cleanse I experienced:
Flu and cold like symptoms
Intestinal releases (this isn’t a rough cleanse where you are glued to the restroom)
Emotional releases
Skin beginning to clear and look better and brighter

The second week:
Vivid dreams
Runny nose
Fluctuating moods and energy levels
Minor headaches
Minor body aches

The third week:
Energy buzzing (raised/increased energy in bursts)
Amazingly clear vision
Glowing skin (where people were complimenting me)
Weight loss
Overall feeling of increased wellness
Raised mood level the majority of the time

The fourth week:
Hit another pocket of toxins – itchy watery eyes and headache
Runny nose
Tired on and off
Weight loss
Clothes fitting far bigger even though the number on the scale was not huge. (toxins take up space)

Last Week:
Felt better, lighter, like my body was vibrating
Clearer vision
Clothes fit better
Good mood
Very high energy levels
Glowing skin
Very happy with myself for completing this cleanse

Everyone’s cleansing experience will vary depending on current health.

I love BePure and will continue to do it yearly. If you are severely toxic (and actually ill) it is advisable to do it bi-yearly.

The way that I really confirmed that it worked was in doing a 10 day juice fast 6 months after this………. For the very first time ever in cleansing I did not have a single Herxheimer reaction. That can only happen when the body is detoxified.

To hear a teleconference on the benefits of detoxification by Dr. Leonard Coldwell please click HERE

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*BePure is safe for kids as well!