Why Do So Many Consider Tetanus Shots Different From Other Vaccinations?

Though deemed safe and even necessary by the CDC and the FDA as well as the medical community at large, there are many who vehemently oppose all vaccinations. Strangely, the Tetanus vaccination seems to be the one exception on many lists.

What is Tetanus?

Tetanus is the clinical term for Lockjaw. It was named for the bacteria that causes it, Clostridium tetani. When this particular bacteria enters a wound, it can lead to impaired nerve function causing strong muscle spasms in the neck, face, stomach, or other parts of the body.

Lockjaw can cause non-movement of the jaw and surrounding facial muscles. It makes it virtually impossible for the person to open their mouth or swallow. Choking becomes a possible hazard. It is a very serious infection and can be fatal in up to 30% of those inflicted with the bacteria.

Clostridium tetani live and thrive in dust, dirt and even manure. It is also true that you can contract tetanus by being cut by rusty metal such as a nail, which is the most widely known cause. Though most commonly it enters through a puncture wound or a cut you can also get tetanus though burns that are not properly cleaned, animal bites and even non sterilized needles.

If you do contract an infection, you may not notice or realize it right away. The onset of symptoms can range anywhere from 3 days post-trauma to a couple of weeks with the average onset symptoms showing at about 8 days.

A Tetanus shot vaccination is the standard medical precaution.

Since the 1920’s the tetanus shot has been a routine part of childhood immunizations. It is considered 100% effective in preventing a tetanus infection. It is given during childhood and recommended as a booster every 10 years in adulthood.

Is there any alternative to vaccination?

Tetanus is different than other vaccinations in that it isn’t a disease. There is no gain of immunity build up by going through and surviving Tetanus. Tetanus itself is a potentially life-threatening poisoning of the body by way of foreign object penetration. Even if your immune system is operating in perfect health, it may not be enough to defeat Tetanus on its own.

This is why many doctors who do not believe in vaccinations still back the Tetanus shot. It remains almost in its own category.

The problem many people have with this vaccine, like many others, is that some of the ingredients are toxic and can produce varied reactions depending on the receivers overall health, age, and state of natural Immunity.

What is in the Tetanus Vaccine that could be considered dangerous?

  • Formaldehyde – Classified as a carcinogen by the National Institute of Health.
  • Aluminum Potassium Sulfate – Aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s Disease. It can cause stomach pain, constipation, black stools, coughing up of blood, urinary pain, drowsiness, muscle weakness and lack of appetite.
  • 2-Phenoxyethanol – is a skin irritant which can depress the central nervous system.
  • Bovine Extract – can cause diarrhea, nausea, swelling, local redness, and itching.
  • Thimerosal – is 49.6% mercury which is a potent neurotoxin.

Other integrative therapies have shown a positive impact on Tetanus but as of yet have not received a recommendation from any medical governing body. They include:

  • Iodine
  • Probiotics
  • Black Tea
  • Cranberry
  • Ginseng
  • Thistle
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Lime
  • Lavender
  • Selenium
    Raw Honey

Of course, the most beneficial thing should an accident happen, is proper wound care. If you receive a cut, scrape, burn, puncture wound or use a non sterilized needle it is vital to clean the area thoroughly and properly seeking medical care and advice.

If you choose not to get a Tetanus shot proactively, and do suffer a wound, it is important to get to the hospital quickly. You will then received not only the vaccination but also a tetanus immune globulin, which acts fast to prevent infection.

Every individual must decide if vaccinations are right for them and their family. Knowing the ingredients and possible side effects are important to be able to make educated health decisions.

For more information on natural healing and how to keep your family healthy, we invite you to visit www.chiropractorbonitasprings.com or give us a call at 239-947-1177 to schedule an appointment in our Bonita Springs office.

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Is your Jaw Pain TMJ?

TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) is an incredibly painful condition that is situated within the muscles of the jaw and cheekbone. The temporomandibular joint acts like a sliding hinge which is the connection from your skull to the jawbone.

TMJ can be caused by your genetics, trauma to the jaw or even arthritis. Nocturnal tooth grinding and clenching can also play a role, though tooth grinders don’t always develop TMJ.

Common complaints include pain, stiffness, clicking sounds that are audible to others and even having your jaw lock up from time to time. It may even extend to a dull ache around the ear and back of the head. Chewing may cause pain as well. These are all a result of the jaw itself becoming misaligned. Over time if not corrected adhesions can form in the muscle keeping the jaw out of place.

Whiplash from auto accidents can be an initial cause of an onset of TMJ. When ligaments tear or stretch it can pull the jaw out of position. Other injuries involving the facial area can have the same results.

If not treated properly, over time degeneration of the disc between the jaw and the skull can occur, wearing away which leaves only bone on bone to rub together wreaking havoc on the nerves located in that area.

Visiting your Chiropractor for jaw pain can be a tremendous help. They take an overall approach to well-being and help to determine the cause and the resulting best course of action.

Manual adjustments may be used as a treatment for the jaw disorder. Your doctor may press on areas of your skull, jaw and upper spine in order to help relieve irritated inflamed nerves increasing your jaw’s range. The active release technique which is a soft tissue based therapy is likely to be used. This manipulation can help your body break up the adhesions as well as scar tissue on the muscles and ligaments. When combined with regularly scheduled chiropractic treatment it has proven to be a very effective method to obtain healing and pain relief. 

Leading experts at The National Institutes of Health recommend these treatments as the best course of action. Noninvasive treatments should always be tried first, rather than automatically leaning towards aggressive treatments such as surgery and implants, which penetrate the tissues of the face, jaw or joint.

If you have facial pain, jaw pain or grind your teeth in your sleep come in and talk to us at Nutrition Specialists of Florida ChiropractorBonitaSprings.com or give us a call at 239-947-1177.

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How important is chiropractic care if you have been in a car accident?

Once major traumatic injuries such as broken bones, lacerations, contusions, and internal injuries have been ruled out by the EMTs it is equally as important to look at possible problems which have occurred in your musculoskeletal system. (Soft tissue damage and misalignment issues).


Often times following an accident your body may be in shock. It is producing dopamine and other chemicals in the brain in order for you to be able to function and you may not feel the damage, pain or soreness yet.


Though pain following a car accident can be felt anywhere in the body, the most common are neck injuries due to the way we are anchored into our vehicles. Though we are strapped in by the body, our heads have to remain mobile. When a car or truck is hit, your neck is whipped in one direction then back the other way. Hyperflexion-hyperextension injuries can affect the soft tissues in the neck as well as intervertebral discs and joint capsules.


Whiplash can be the result.


Whiplash may present itself in the following ways:

Neck pain

Arm pain or numbness




Feeling like you may pass out

Lack of clear thought


Jaw issues

Back pain

Even Depression can be a side effect from a whiplash injury.


Chiropractors are musculoskeletal specialists. Seeing one as soon as you are able to following an accident can help you to heal as expediently as possible while minimizing damage. They will perform a thorough exam and physical assessment including X-rays. If they feel you will benefit from an immediate adjustment they will do so at that time as well as set the best course of treatment going forward. After even a minor accident, the curvatures in the spine are straightened, especially the neck or cervical spine. The soft tissues may heal (often with scar tissue), but the spinal curvature remains straightened. Over time, this may cause osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease. This may be prevented if you get your spine evaluated after an injury.



The initial 72-hour period following a crash:

-It is best to remain as calm and still as possible to help reduce the inflammatory reaction your body will be experiencing felt by pain and swelling.

-Icing the painful areas for 10 – 15 minutes at a time every couple of hours will help to limit the pain as well.

-Anti Inflammatory agents such as Turmeric (natural herbal) or natural plant enzymes such as Bromelain or Papain can do wonders to help combat discomfort. Though it may be tempting to reach for over the counter anti-inflammatories such as Aleve (Naproxen) please know that NSAIDs have been shown to actually slow the healing process whereas the natural enzymes speed recovery.

– Arnica Montana – A homeopathic for bruising and muscle soreness may be beneficial as well. It is taken sublingually every 2-4 hours until symptoms begin to subside.

-Meditation has also been known to help alleviate pain, at least temporarily and can offer some relief.

-Rest helps to promote healing.

-After an accident, similar to working out with weights, you will experience more pain or soreness, two to three days after the accident. This is called delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).


In the days and weeks following the accident, you will very likely visit your doctor for follow-up visits. They may also recommend additional treatments such as ultrasound therapy, massage therapy, and stretching exercises you can do on your own at home.


If you have been in an accident or know someone who has – though the sooner the better on treatment, there is no time limit. Even older injuries can be helped through chiropractic care. Give us a call 239-947-1177 or visit www.chiropractorbonitasprings.com

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Chiropractors and Alternative Doctors – The Superheroes of Health

Having been raised from birth visiting alternative doctors and healers to boost and maintain my health I can honestly say I cannot imagine what state I would be in if it were not for them.

In the United States, the accepted norm is to visit your primary care medical doctor and when something is wrong outside of their scope of treatment, to be referred to a specialist. It is not unusual to wait very long periods past your appointment time sitting in waiting rooms for a five-minute visit where very little is actually analyzed yet prescription medications are often given. Side effects are accepted and even expected and root causes are not the main concern, working to cover symptoms are.

In Western medicine, the agenda is to treat the symptom, not the cause. This seems so incredibly backward to me.

Of course when you are ill what you want most is to feel better (symptom relief) but don’t you also want to address the root cause so you don’t end up feeling this way again once you stop taking whatever medication is causing the symptoms to subside?

Alternative medicine – Treat the cause not the effect.

When visiting alternative medicine doctors there is a huge difference. Far more of an in-depth background is taken and considered. Time is actually spent talking with and listening to you. They work with you to help figure out what it is in your life, diet, environment, or genetics that could be causing your current health issues. They then, depending on modality, will work with you to correct the imbalance, whatever it may be.

The times in my life where I have consulted medical doctors, I have almost always inevitably regretted it. Side effects from medications were worse than the initial illness, misdiagnosis’s that could have killed me, the total dismissal that anything was wrong at all… yet in all of these cases, they were more than happy to continue billing me anyway. Large bills for zero results or answers. That is our medical system.

Your best health comes from working with your body, not against it. Finding a practitioner who is knowledgeable, skilled and willing to listen and help you intemperate the signs your body is giving you is the key to lasting whole health.

My personal recommendation is to find a great Chiropractor, a masterful Massage Therapist, and a practiced Nutritional Response Therapist. That combination has been what has saved me time and time again.


Do you know whats in your milk?

“Drink your milk” was a phrase often heard growing up. Milk was touted as the best source for calcium and vitamin D. It was considered a very healthy drink and offered in many households at every meal.

With the commercialization of dairy farming, we have strayed pretty far from wholesome and natural when it comes to how dairy cows are raised and fed. This has a direct impact on the milk they produce and in turn on the humans who drink it.

Dairy cows raised in confinement are fed grains that are treated with chemicals. Those chemicals go through the cows’ system and are still viable in the milk itself. 

Cows are often fed antibiotics as well as growth hormones such as rBGH which is genetically engineered to increase the milk production.

At first, this may sound ok… Antibiotics keep away infections and increased milk production helps keep dairy farmers in business, right?

While the answer is yes to both of those, there are side effects. Hormone treated milk differs from natural milk in that it contains boosted levels of the IGF-1 hormone. This has been linked to cancerous tumors. IGF-1 has been cited as a major cause of colon, prostate, and breast cancer in humans. Additionally, milk produced artificially in the cow’s “negative energy phase” tends to have increased levels of pus, making the milk turn sour far faster for a shorter shelf life.

When it comes to rBGH, it reduces the casein protein in milk due to an increased thyroid hormone enzyme. 

Organic is a better choice but still, has been pasteurized which compromises the nutritional content. The process destroys part of the Vitamin C in milk and encourages the growth of potentially harmful bacteria. Pasteurization also makes the majority of the calcium insoluble and iodine contained reduced. 

The best option if you want to drink milk is grass-fed RAW Milk. It is not easy to find these days. Check with your local health food store for possible local farming sources. Food and Thought here in Naples does occasionally carry it. 

When you get right down to it, humans were not designed to drink cow’s milk at all. That was intended for baby calfs. Better choices are other milks like coconut, almond, and rice. Calcium can be obtained by eating a diet high in leafy green vegetables, beans, fish, nuts, seeds, even oatmeal, and oranges.

To learn more about your health and nutrition peruse our site or come in for a personalized appointment. www.chiropractorbonitasprings.com  (239) 947-1177

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Back Pain Causes that May Surprise You

While all pain is distracting and detracts from your quality of life, if you have ever experienced back pain, you know that it can put you completely out of commission. When your back hurts, it feels like everything hurts and it makes even the most ordinary tasks of everyday living difficult if not impossible. 

A recent survey, conducted by backpainhelp.com, found that activities like housework, driving, sex and working became next to impossible for those with back pain. 

26% of the study group had to quit housework entirely

22% said it caused them to stop working or studying

35% freely admitted that backache pain caused them be in a bad mood and lose their tempers more easily.

The good news is that you can avoid sacrificing necessary life activities by getting regular chiropractic adjustments. You do not have to live with constant pain. 

Though back pain may have a specific identifiable inception point such as a trip or fall, aches and pains can appear almost out of the blue leaving you to question “What did I do to myself?”

Here are the top-ranking reasons patients end up with non-identifiable source back pain:

Intermittent Strenuous Exercise

Weekend warriors are far more likely to injure their backs during sports or in the gym than those who work out all week. Pushing your body to go hard when the core strength isn’t there often can lead to injury.

Lifting and Carrying Children

As your child ages, they grow and increase in weight. That once adorable little 10lb bundle of joy is now 40lbs. That is a far greater strain on your back. Proper lifting with your shoulders over your pelvis is important, twisting when lifting a wiggling child is a quick path to back injury.


Spinal discs deteriorate much faster in people who smoke. The faster they degenerate, the sooner and more likely that you are going to have back pain. 

Moving “The Wrong Way”

Twisting even just slightly “the wrong way” can cause micro trauma to their lower back. Repeating this cumulatively may lead to a damaged spine.

Insomnia and lack of sleep

Your spinal discs need around 6-7 hours of sleep a night in order to properly hydrate. When you are awake, the water supply on your backbone depletes very quickly.

You need a new mattress

It’s important to sleep with your spine straight and vertebrae properly aligned. Ditch mattresses that dip in the center. They force your backbone to bend abnormally throughout the night. This can cause back pain. Additionally, the pillow you choose should support your head and further help to keep your spine in good alignment.

Following these tips can help keep your spine in good health. Regular adjustments also help to ensure your back stays in good shape. Come visit Nutrition Specialists of Florida www.chiropractorbonitasprings.com or call 239-947-1177 so we can get you on the road to health.

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Are You Experiencing Subluxation Symptoms?

Chiropractic is often thought of as a way to treat neck, back and headache pain when the spine and nerves come into play effects can often be felt through out any and all areas of the body as everything is connected.

When subluxations occur that means that vertebrae have shifted out of place. This can put pressure on nerves.  In turn, this can cause the body to malfunction manifesting symptoms such as:

  • Pain
  • Tenderness
  • Soreness and stiffness in the neck and/or back
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Balance problems
  • Spinal muscle spasms, tightness or weakness
  • Reduction in spinal mobility/Stiffness
  • Tingling in the extremities
  • Joint pain
  • Fatigue
  • Poor overall health
  • Reduced ability to heal if bruised or cut

Over time symptoms become more and more noticeable and can lead to disease.

Why would you have a subluxation?

It’s a stress response. Stress on a physical level can cause spasms. Tension can cause the bones to move incorrectly eventually causing a subluxation or misalignment. This can happen due to:

  • Physical incidents: falls, slips, falls, accidents, lifting, bad posture, sleeping wrong
  • Chemical: bad diet, drugs, alcohol, pollution
  • Emotional: stress, anger, fear, grief, all tax the immune system

A series of chiropractic adjustments can change the position and motion of the spine. The body will get used to holding the spine, muscles, ligaments and tissues in this proper position and the stress on adjacent nerves will be alleviated. This allows the body to heal itself and return to optimal function.

Seeing your chiropractor regularly can help prevent subluxations and other issues, keeping you in tip top health. Give Nutritional Specialists of Florida a call today at 239-947-1177. http://chiropractorbonitasprings.com/

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Are You Suffering from Heavy Metal Toxicity?

Heavy metal poisoning can be subtle and mimic other health issues. It is not always easy to diagnose.

There are two forms of metal toxicity. Acute & Chronic. Let’s take a look at both.

Acute Metal Toxicity:

Sudden onset from immediate exposure can result in –

  • Severe cramping
  • Severe convulsions
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Sweating
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Impaired cognitive skills
  • Impaired motor skills

If you are experiencing any of the above, please seek medical attention immediately.

Chronic Metal Toxicity: Build up over time due to chronic and constant exposure are much more subtle and can easily be confused with other health issues. It can present as –

  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Aching joints
  • Digestive issues
  • Impaired blood sugar regulation
  • Female reproductive issues
  • Watering eyes
  • Chronic headaches that keep coming back – generally one side of the head

Metal toxicity may sound like a far-reaching concept but we are all exposed on a regular basis to possible contaminants. Possible sources of metals can include:

  • Fluoride – in the drinking water and in dental products like toothpaste and rinses
  • Cookware – (beware aluminum and nonstick cookware as well as stainless steel which can expose you to nickel which is carcinogenic)
  • Vaccinations – mercury and aluminum injected directly into the bloodstream
  • Cosmetics – contain aluminum bases which can also contribute to Alzheimer’s
  • Dental work – Silver amalgam fillings as well as any dental work that contains metal alloy can contribute to toxicity. It is recommended for all crowns and bridges to do porcelain only.
  • Smoking – can cause cadmium poisoning
  • Buy only high-quality supplements – some colloidal silvers can lead to silver poisoning and other supplements can be high in lead, mercury, and can contain metals arsenic.
  • Conventional Household Cleaning Products – can contain metals and other toxins
  • Insecticides & Herbicides – can contain metals and other toxins
  • Costume Jewelry – Avoid wearing costume jewelry if you are sensitive to metals
  • The Food You Eat – If your body is deficient in essential metals it will use toxic metals it can find as stand-ins instead. Metals can come from pesticides, herbicides, soil, rain, air exposure, and processing.

If you aren’t feeling your best and you cannot seem to find relief or explanation, it is advisable to seek professional assistance. Left unchecked heavy metal toxicity can lead to permanent damage to the body and organs. Get back in balance and back to health with Nutrition Specialists of Florida by calling 239-947-1177. www.bonitaspringschiropractor.com

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Vitamins & Supplements – Are You Wasting Your Money?

Go to any grocery store, health food store or vitamin specialty shop and you will see shelf after shelf lined with colorful well-designed vitamin and supplement bottles. It’s confusing to say the very least. Comparing labels, you see many of the exact same ingredients. It is natural to assume the products to be “the same”, but what about quality and potency?

Are all supplements created equal?

Labeling can be deceptive. Many vitamin companies do not even produce or formulate their own products. They buy and relabel. The standards vary greatly from one company to another.  Quality and age of ingredients drastically affects absorption.

Vitamins begin to lose potency from the time they are created. Only 90% potency of what is listed on the label at the time of shipping is what is mandated. Light, heat, moisture, and oxidation can cause potency loss rather rapidly. Vitamins, Supplements, and Nutraceuticals are all perishable. Therefore, there are expiration dates on all bottles.

Synthetic vitamins may also be mislabeled as natural as the word natural can be misleading on a technical level. A manufacturer can use a mix of 10% natural and 90% synthetic and still label the product as natural. This greatly reduces the production cost, but it also reduces the effectiveness. Vitamins can also contain fillers which are potentially questionable such as hydrogenated oils, metals, inorganic elements, titanium oxide and magnesium stearate which hold no health benefit and could be potentially detrimental.

Ideally, our vitamin intake should come from our diet. It is not easy to eat perfectly and due to soil, which can be nutrient depleted, many fruits and vegetables do not pack the nutritional punch they used to. Because of this supplementation is often necessary.

On your own without testing, it is hard to know what your body really needs. Buying and taking vitamins can be like throwing everything at a wall to see what sticks. It is expensive to do so and often you are literally just flushing money down the drain. Visiting a Nutritional Response Therapist can allow you to pinpoint exactly what your body needs to complete your nutrient profile and fully support your health.

When working with Nutrition Specialists of Florida we use only top quality well-established companies that you can trust. We have chosen to work with Standard Process and Energetix.

Both companies produce all of their own products themselves, sourcing only high-quality, organic ingredients.

We can be reached at 239-947-1177 or by going to our contact page and sending an email.

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Aging Gracefully through Proper Nutrition

While genetics play a large part in how we age, lifestyle and nutrition are also key. There is no one “right diet” for everyone. We are all different and have differing nutritional requirements. A good baseline to start from is to eat a diet filled with wholesome nutrient rich foods.

Organic Vegetables, Fruits, Grass Fed Meats, Nuts, Seeds, and Plenty of Clean non-fluoridated water are the basics. Staying away from processed packaged foods, genetically modified foods, hydrogenated oils, fillers, and preservatives.

Our environment has many pollutants and toxins. From the water that we drink, the air we breathe, chemicals in our personal grooming products, medications we take and alcohol we may drink, to the food we eat – our bodies are constantly in contact and having to filter out all kinds of particles. They can get our delicate systems out of balance causing toxicity levels and nutritional deficiencies.

These deficiencies and toxins over time can cause damage to the structure of the body and deteriorate our health causing us to age at a more rapid rate than otherwise would happen naturally. If left unchecked and uncorrected it can lead to disease and eventually death.

Proper body maintenance over the course of your life can help combat this keeping you in the very best shape and health possible allowing you to live a longer healthier life.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – Benjamin Franklin had the right idea. It is far easier to maintain and build up over a lifetime than it is to have to try and heal damage already done.

If you are looking for an effective beauty treatment – ditch the lotions, potions, and creams. Beauty radiates from the inside and it is rooted in how you feel. Health is beauty.

Personalized testing and nutritional services are available at Nutritional Specialists of Florida in Bonita Springs, Florida. Give us a call today to see how we can help you age the way it was intended – gracefully.

Nutrition Specialists of Florida can be reached at 239-947-1177 or by going to our contact page and sending an email.

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