Directions for Mercury Heavy Metal Detoxification & a Special Note on Hashimoto’s

No one will say they are certain in the medical field. But it is suspected that mercury toxicity is one of the root causes of Hashimoto’s Disease and possibly other autoimmune issues.

Mercury can come from fish, cosmetics, other body products, birth control pills, pharmaceuticals, hair dye, dental work, cheap candles, and heredity. Yep, I said heredity. If your mother or your mother’s mother had mercury in their system, so shall you. Crazy right? I thought so. It carries down two generations.

It can lay dormant in the body for years and even a lifetime and never show symptoms, but if it reaches a toxic tipping point and God forbid you to have the MTHFR gene mutation, your body doesn’t eliminate toxins as it should, instead, they build up and loop and make you sick.

My personal exposure was over a lifetime:

  • Mother had silver mercury filings.
  • I took hormonal birth control pills for many years.
  • I had silver fillings (though I removed them mid-20s due to vanity)
  • I have the MTHFR gene mutation (so toxins do not detox properly)
  • I had a landlord who doused the yard with Roundup (Glyphosate) for 3 years I lived there.

That was my toxic tipping point.

It landed me with Hashimoto’s/Hypothyroid, and Hemicrania Continua (headache disorder). I went through my own personal hell for years and feel lucky to still be alive. I am only here by the grace of God that I never gave up searching for answers and having faith that I could find them. I am immensely humbled and grateful to God and the Universe for leading me to the answers that I am sharing with you here today.


I did two things once I realized I was toxic in mercury, which was discovered by taking a hair sample test. I used TRS Zeolite Spray (3 squirts sublingually per day) and Fulvic Acid Baths (once a week).

I did this for a full month: The test results have come back as ZERO MERCURY! Not improved, not lowered, NONE!

A Note on Autoimmune Issues

I hope that my experience can help someone not go through what I went through. People don’t understand autoimmune issues because we look just fine. Believe me, if you know someone with Hashimoto’s, Lupus, Graves, Fibromyalgia, or a host of other issues, they are not ok! Be nice to them, ask them how they are doing, check in on them, and give them a hug once in a while. It’s an experience you never want to have and can’t fully grasp unless you have been there.

I also no longer believe the bullshit line “Your body has decided to attack itself”. Your body loves you and it wouldn’t do that. It’s attacking an invisible invader – a metal or a toxin. You can heal from this…. When a doctor tells you “It’s incurable” or “you will be on medication for life” – I know that is how they have been trained and what they believe – but YOU get to decide what you believe.

Choose health.
Choose life.
Choose you.

A Special Note: During this time, I also came to realize how many not just toxic, but specifically endocrine disrupting products I was using regularly. I downloaded the YUKA app and consulted EWG Skin Deep® Cosmetics Database and cleared my bathroom drawers. This is the list of products I have found, so far, that I loved to replace them.

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  1. Vishva says:

    Fantastic post. Thanks a lot .and yes yes the body can never attack it self..

  2. Sarah Barendse says:

    Thank you so much for the kind words!

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