Energy Goes Where Attention Flows…

I am finding it very interesting watching all of my “awake” friends right now. We all seem to be coming to the same conclusions at about the same time about going inward right now as well as reaching previously unknown depths of release and gaining a knowing through various avenues.

Things are ramping up energetically and some of you feel that. I think things are going to be very interesting from here on out. Keep visualizing what you want and work on yourself and your own little corner of the world.

I can’t emphasize enough that right now is not the time to be spiritually lazy, for your own good.

Keep your heart open and do your best to observe and enjoy the ride. I know it can be a lot.

Resources to help (readings and life coaching)🍃 Psychelics Revealed Meditations and activations to raise your vibration and clear you. My good friend Ostara and Stephen – readings and insight

And essential oils

and aromatherapy Universal States of Consciousness group

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