Hurricane Irma – Looking on the Bright Side

Here in Florida, let’s be honest..for the most part we live a rather idyllic life. Sunshine, sand, great weather, palm trees… it’s vacation central. We get used to it and become complacent and set in our ways. We go about our days living our own lives focused on many of the wrong things – What we don’t have (lack) rather than what we do (abundance). We end up lacking appreciation for the basic beauty in life that we enjoy on a regular basis.

Hurricane Irma has swept through and taken away (temporarily) a lot of that. Washing out properties, blowing down huge trees and leaving us displaced and literally powerless.

What was left? – Each other. A sense of community and ironically for the internet and phones getting spotty if not cut off – a better overall communication.

As we repair, replace and replant – yes let’s return to normal… but if we hang on to just one thing – the actual gift inside of this mess – let us try not to lose what we gained – appreciation of life, of home, of family and even of strangers…

Special thanks to the Weather Channel as well as CNN (for giving us all super duper anxiety) – When Jim Cantore showed up – yeahhhhh…. While I appreciate the tracking and reporting of the hurricane, their unnecessary descriptions of “nuclear hurricane” and “this is what hell is going to look like” didn’t really help the already tense situation. #CalmDownMedia #JimCantoreAHHH!


Ok, now go plug your phones in! 😉 Thanks for reading.