If You Hate Me Yet Still Follow Me for YEARS… Bitch, You’re a Fan

So I just Googled myself. I know, TMI Sarah…
In doing so I came across a former acquaintance of mine who I did not get along with to say the very least. She is a far leftwing nut job who has nothing better to do than slam anyone who doesn’t agree with her and she’s been at it fervently since we, unfortunately, ran across one another back in I think 2012 or so.

I was very surprised to still see her copy and pasting parts of my blog to attempt to ridicule on her own. I guess it’s too much to ask in this cancel culture of 2021 to expect a liberal to be able to act like an adult and let things go.

Pathetic really. If you have nothing better to do than creep my blog for all these years. Maybe take your mask off and leave the house once in a while.


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  1. Lorin says:

    Typical liberal wouldn’t you think yeah that’s all they have to do is pick on conservatives all day and then when you get them in a corner and show them they’re wrong they still keep it up. They are so brainwashed.

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