Mine is the path of the Sayer

Mine is the path of the Sayer. The way shower. My mom called me Sar growing up (pronounced Say-er), which only really occurred to me in recent years. I am a speaker of truth. Not for personal gain, but because I cannot seem to do otherwise. I am compelled.

I, after much soul searching, truly believe I have hopped in on the very front seat of the roller coaster we call this earth ride because I am a spiritual adrenalin junkie. I have the soul level urge to do everything first and leap into the unknown relatively fearlessly.

This has not been an easy or painless choice for this incarnation. My life has been filled with ups and downs of epic proportion. People have always looked to me for advice, even from a very very young age, with them being older even most of the time. I am an old soul. I do not know everything and sometimes doubt myself. But I seem to have an innate knowing because I trust my inner guidance and always have. I thankfully didn’t have to learn that, at least not in this life.

I believe that unconditional love and forgiveness can heal anything and do a pretty good job of living it in my own existence. Not at all to say I don’t get mad, clearly I do. I am human. I am a soul having a human experience. All of us came here for that -To experience contrast. Love and hate, happiness and sadness, dark and light.

I believe we are all here to teach each other lessons, some harder than others. All agreed to by both parties pre-birth to this incarnation. I look around in this earth realm and see so many false prophets. Some who start out well intentioned and get wrapped up in ego losing themselves, yet people still follow blindly not being able to trust their true guides……themselves.

If someone has to tell you that they are a Master. They are likely not. I am not claiming to be a master of anything. I am a work in progress. I always will be. I am perfect in my imperfections. As are you. Just felt the need to express all of that. Thank you for being here with me. You are appreciated.


Circa 2012

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