NOW HIRING: People who show up

If you have become complacent and don’t want to work anymore all you are doing, ultimately, is screwing yourself.

Sure, you can get away with being lazy now………………..
But what about later in life?

What’s your plan?
Do you know that as you get older you need more and more maintenance? When you can’t afford that, guess what? You will suffer.

Your quality of life will never be what it could have been…
You will be dependent and focused always on survival vs. being able to be an active creative being in your own world…………

Lazy may be easier in the now but it hurts no one but you…….. Get off your asses and be productive. You will feel better about yourself and you will be far better off in the long run.

And no, you don’t “deserve” that great job just because you exist. You have work, gain skills, and be a good fit FOR that job…………

*steps off soap box.

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