Ok, Boomer!

I love how ‘youngins’ like to call “us all” Boomer. As if that is some kind of an insult. Boomers are smart, hard-working, family-oriented – yeah Ewww wouldn’t wanna be that!?

I would rather be lumped in with the Boomers than the Gen Z and upcoming Alpha shit shows. You all got totally screwed by society in general and, in many of you, boy does it show!

– No manners, no sense of responsibility, no visible education, no couth, no intelligence, just awful selfish narcissistic little entitled miscreants who all seem to believe they are destined to be YouTube and Insta famous.

(Yes.. I am turning into “THAT” little old lady…………….)


#Boomer #GenZ #GenX #GenAlpha #LMAO #Getoffmylawn

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