Orthotics – Can proper alignment of the body fend off varicose veins?

When you build a house you have to start with a solid foundation. If it’s not poured evenly and level, the house may eventually shift, the base may begin to crack and the home could fall into a premature state of disrepair. The same could be said for going through life with improperly fitting non supportive foot wear.

As age and daily wear and tear begin to take a toll on our bodies we are often times not always fully in alignment. We may have small adjustments that can be made in order to increase health, comfort and even range of motion for conditions such as pronounced high arches, flat feet, bunions, knee issues, corns calluses, plantar fasciitis and more. One of the simplest ways to make those adjustments is by utilizing customized shoe inserts known as orthotics.  One often over looked condition that they can help to support and alleviate symptoms of is varicose veins of the legs and feet which can be incredibly painful.

Your circulatory system carries the blood from the heart out to your appendages. The blood then makes the journey back towards the heart. It’s the job of the veins, combined with muscle contractions to force the blood all the way back up, despite and against gravity. The valves allow the blood to pass up and through and then close to prevent it from slipping backwards and down again. If the valves become weak and begin to lose their elastic quality that’s when blood flow can begin backing up and pooling inside of the veins. When this happens too often or with too much blood at one time it can cause swelling, enlarging and even twisting, resulting in what we recognize as varicose veins.

Customized orthotics are usually created through a doctor’s office such as a podiatrist or chiropractor. They will have you remove your shoes and assist you in placing your foot correctly into the rectangular box cast which is filled with a sandy feeling slightly crunchy impressionable clay foam like substance which holds the impression of your foot with incredible accuracy in order to conform the new inserts to the exact specifications. They may even ask to send of a favorite pair of shoes along with the molds to ensure a seamless fit.

Therapeutic orthotic inserts help by improving proper gate, balance and overall body alignment as well as helping to improve circulation. As you walk the orthotics help by pressing into the foot pumping up and down along the arches relieving pressure. This repetitive push and release motion helps to flush pooled blood that may have been accumulating, easing pressure, inflammation and often reducing some of the swelling in the varicose veins.

While it is not a permanent fix, wearing orthotics – especially in conjunction with compression stockings, can often offer a significant amount of symptom relief to those suffering with these issues.

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