Prediction: PopTalk’s Explosive Take Over of the Social Media Market is Imminent

Finally, there is a new viable contender for a social media take over contender on the scene.

Their name is

The peasants have grown weary of the Zuckerberg Overlord and his realm of laughable minion fact-checkers. Facebook jail is passe, warning labels covering images and videos in order to “keep us safe” from ourselves have grown tiresome, and our tolerance for being spanked like a naughty 5-year-old for using a bad word has reached its limit.

We (collectively) have had enough of the nonsense.

Many of us have gotten excited when other sites have launched only to be disappointed and come crawling back to hang out on Facebook time and time again. Many of us reach that point of wit’s end, have a hissy fit, and even declare we are leaving.. We may wander off for a few days but we always come back. After all, we love socializing with each other, and with many of our friends living scattered throughout the globe, online is the best way to keep in contact.

LOVE/HATE – Let’s Face It – We are all in an abusive relationship with Meta

If Meta was your spouse and they repeatedly demeaned you, punished you for no reason, and called you out publicly parroting back your words like daggers, you would call that abusive. You would expect that we would tell them where to shove it and be on our merry way. But no, this is the most severe case of Stockholm Syndrome I have ever seen, especially collectively! We despise our censoring captors, and yet? We hang in there coming back time and time again. Cause, God, help us we “Can’t find a better man.” 

Looking Back
We all Jumped ship from MySpace when Facebook Hit the Scene.

Frankly, I think we all owe TOM a big apology. He had made us a nice cushy space where we had our own wallpaper, page, and even music playing.

Were we grateful? Nah! We wanted shiny and new!

Now just look at us! ?

SO… Poppers! (Yes, I have coined the phrase) – I see big potential here at PopTalk! 

I am making myself at home, trying out the features, and will be inviting my friends over to play.

Just wanted to say thank you and I for one appreciate the effort PopTalk has put into this lovely new kingdom where you are indeed allowed to point out if the Emperor Has No Clothes.?

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