The EPA Doesn’t Want You to Have Access to Clean Drinking Water

Seems pretty strange and contradictory to their stated intended purpose for existing in the first place, doesn’t it?

The EPA is trying to shut down Berkey. Berkey Water Filters are amazing. That is exactly why they are being targeted. These filters last. They filter nearly all toxins and garbage out of the water making it suitable and healthy to consume.

The EPA claims that because there is silver in the filters and silver is an effective pesticide, they need to be regulated. It is for this reason they have banned them and pulled them from the market.

This is no different than pulling gas stoves. Gas stoves are no more dangerous than they have ever been. All of this is Agenda 2030, formerly Agenda 21. Depopulation is the game… No heat and no water.

See this for what it is…

A sick game.

Here is a tip to help you come out a winner.
Did you know that you can clean old filters?

I didn’t either. I have been throwing them out after they get clogged. Check out this video, time marker 24:00 minute mark (Below). He shows how to clean older Berkey filters so even if you cant get new ones right now you can still use them and have clean water till they figure out this legal mess.

Screw you, EPA.

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