You asked – No, BEGGED for it – So where is everyone?

We have ALL been bitching, whining, and complaining about censorship in social media for several years now. We get tossed in Facebook Jail for imagined offenses that make no sense and told what to do like bad little kids sent to the corner to stand with gum on our noses.

If someone came along and told you to take a time out in real life, you would not put up with it. (Or, I sure hope you wouldn’t). Yet repeatedly time and time again we do online. Why?

I am totally convinced that those who are not using social media for work and business, who just hang out there, have a digital version of Stockholm syndrome. They are weirdly enamored with the captors. Somehow you enjoy the masochistic nature of the off-balance relationship. Or else why on earth would people not be flocking to PopTalk?

The founders of have done what we all asked. They have built a Facebook-like platform without censorship. It’s here. I am using it daily! It works.. and yet? It is like pulling teeth to try and get people to join? Why?

This is akin to figuring out how to make ice cream that tastes exactly the same without any calories or fat and yet no one will eat it and they keep scarfing down Ben and Jerry’s while packing on extra pounds! It makes no sense.

Keep on inviting friends, coworkers, and random strangers… This is becoming a really cool community – but we all have to do our part if we want it to succeed. Its time to put our energy where our mouths are!



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