The MOTTO Effect – Transforming Hashimoto’s with 10 Powerful Health & Lifestyle MOTTOs

One of the ending lines in the book really struck me. “You were not meant to be a spectator – you are here to be spectacular.”

So many people stand by and watch, wait, and feel helpless as they have been conditioned that the doctor is the one who must cure them. The truth is that though a well-educated caring physician can be a world of help, they cannot cure you.

They are a helpful supportive tool and incredibly helpful for diagnostics and suggestions but in the end, only you can cure you.

It seemed as if everyone had a little piece of the answer, yet no one had put it all together. This wonderful new book by Meena Chan, ‘The MOTTO Effect Transforming Hashimoto’s with 10 powerful health & lifestyle MOTTOs’ is fantastic.

Meena helps you get in touch with and understand what’s going on in your body, heart, and soul and how to link and realign all three while dealing with whatever your personal cause was for your body taking on Hashimoto’s.

No matter where along this journey you are – this book has something that can help everyone.

Buy it, read it, and the next person you come across dealing with Hashi’s – hand it to them and pay it forward.


Learn more or buy the book: The MOTTO Effect: Transforming Hashimoto’s with 10 powerful health & lifestyle MOTTOs: Chan, Meena: 9781735532219: Books

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