You Only Have Control Of 3 Things in Your Life: Thoughts, Visualizations, and Actions.

Right now we are headed into a time and space portal that has never been seen before. We are on the edge of the Age of Aquarius. The Golden Age. I know that’s REALLY hard to believe considering all the absolute bullshit going on right now………. but its true.

Most of you on my account are awake. Many of you are light workers and light warriors. You know there is a massive spiritual battle going on. More than any other time in our lives its important now through the end of December to keep our vibes as high as possible and focus on what you do what. NOT what you don’t.

***because of this social media can be a dangerous thing creation wise. There is no more time for practice. This is the super bowl of spirituality. IF you are able to share “negative” things going on in the world in order to try and awaken the rest of the masses WITHOUT upsetting your own vibration, please do. BUT if it upsets you and throws you out of wack emotionally, please stop for now. the consequences aren’t worth it. We need your energy and your light to help hold strong the planetary vibration.

If this message resonates with you – its for you. ❤
If it doesn’t that is ok too.
Have a good Friday.


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