Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride

Don’t worry, the dresses are fabulous!

House of WuThe title of bridesmaid is simultaneously the most coveted and the most feared among women when it comes to weddings. Of course, we want to be picked to stand beside our beloved friends as they make the commitment of a lifetime, it’s a role of significance and of honor.

Then there are the infamous bridesmaid dresses. That word strikes fear into the hearts of many. We think of images from weddings past – tea length pea green taffeta dresses, ball gown style mauve strapless numbers that won’t stay up on half the wedding party, lemon yellow chiffon with ruffles so poofy that you feel like a cake decoration. Bridesmaid dresses are known to be an expensive dress that you usually have to pay for yourself and will only wear once.

Thankfully that image of how a bridesmaid is outfitted is now outdated.  Bridesmaids have gotten a much needed, and deserved, make over thanks to the wonderful designers at House of Wu. They have a passion for design and it shows in every dress.

This isn’t your typical off the rack formal wear. Every design is a creation. House of Wu knows that their dresses are worn in celebration of the special occasions and moments in your life and the lives of your family and loved ones. They are captured and immortalized in picture albums and social media. They must be special and as unique as the individual wearing it.

Bridal gowns have always been spectacular. The bride, after all, is the center of the show. But gone are the days of the bridal party all being smooshed into the same gown despite body shape and size. House of Wu offers collections of selections that all match yet flatter the individual. They are beautiful, while not upstaging the bride’s gown. These bridesmaid dresses are meant to be worn time and time again to other events over the years and are almost never a single wear garment.

If you are looking for the top selection in the industry, look no further.

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